Cost of Living in Atlanta

Cost of Living in Atlanta: Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia, a city known by many nicknames. Some call it The Big Peach, A-Town, The Big A, or the New York of the South. Lately, it has also been called the Hollywood of the South, because so many movies and TV shows are filmed there.

Living in Atlanta

Atlanta has very hot weather in the summer, but more than makes up for it with mild winters. However, this can be an ideal climate for you if you like lots of sunny days and warmer temperatures. Fall and spring are also quite mild and warm, but with cooler temperatures than summer, so most seasons lend themselves to enjoying the outdoors for longer. Atlanta is full of places to spend time in nature. There are many parks, and there’s the Beltline, an outdoor space for walking, biking, hiking, art, and community that surrounds the city.

Cost of Living in Atlanta
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How much does an apartment cost in Atlanta?

The average rent for a studio in Atlanta is $ 1,528. For a one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta, you can expect to pay around $ 1,705. Two-bedroom apartments cost about $ 2,233, while a three-bedroom apartment costs about $ 2,935.

How to find cheap apartments in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, the city is defined by the Inside Perimeter (ITP) and Outside the Perimeter (OTP). Finding a cheap ITP apartment is a difficult task. Atlanta has been booming for at least the past decade, with an explosion of rapid growth in the previous five years. ITP rentals are also quite expensive. While rents are a bit lower than in some other major cities, such as New York or Los Angeles, rental rates in Atlanta have been rising rapidly. So, finding a cheap rental ITP can be a challenge.

It is possible to find good deals a little bit OTP. There are some wonderful areas very close to the perimeter that offer lower prices and the benefit of not having to contend with Atlanta’s notorious traffic except during your commute if you are working directly in town.

Check out the towns of Decatur and Tucker for bargains close to the perimeter. Downtown Decatur is full of restaurants, shops and culture. Decatur can get you within Atlanta’s city limits in under 10 minutes. Tucker is about 15-20 minutes outside the perimeter. It’s a suburban environment with everything you need within a few miles radius. It offers plenty of shopping, dining, parks, and recreation without Atlanta’s dreaded traffic, making daily shopping a breeze.

A little further, check out Lawrenceville, Conyers, Marietta, Kennesaw, and Woodstock, all of which are about a half hour outside of the perimeter. They all have a distinct local flavor while being a bit more laid back and less crowded than Atlanta, keeping you relatively close to the city.

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What’s the cheapest rent in Atlanta?

The cheapest rent in Atlanta will still cost you around $ 1,200 for a studio. You may have to get creative to find something cheaper. One option is to search for converted spaces. An apartment in or above a garage converted into a studio can be cheaper than a regular studio. You might also get lucky with a ‘mother-in-law’ style apartment in addition to a larger house. Another alternative is to share an apartment with roommates or to rent a room outside someone’s house.

If you want to live alone, another possibility is an efficiency apartment, which may not have a full stove. However, it will have a basic kitchenette with a microwave, toaster, hob and fridge. The added benefit of an efficient apartment is that it usually includes all of your utilities, which will save you a lot of money.

Cost of Utilities in Atlanta

For a 915 square foot apartment, you can expect to pay around $ 168.05 for your basic utilities, including electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, and garbage. This price will gradually increase depending on your floor space in a larger apartment. Internet service costs on average about $ 67.50 per month. Cable TV service will cost around $ 39.99 to $ 165, depending on how many additional channels or packages you select.

Food costs in Atlanta

You can expect to pay the following: $ 3.10 for a gallon of milk, $ 2.44 for a loaf of bread, and $ 2.11 for a dozen regular eggs. The estimated cost of food for one month of groceries for one person is $ 325. If you want to dine out, there is a vibrant and diverse food scene in Atlanta. A meal for one in a casual, inexpensive restaurant will set you back around $ 15. A dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost you on average between $ 50 and $ 65. If you want luxury gourmet food, the dining costs will be higher but worth it.

There are some great bargains to be had off the beaten path, and this is also where you’ll find some of the most authentic cuisines. Check out the offerings along Buford Highway, which has a plethora of every variety of Asian cuisine you can imagine. There are even charming little teahouses. If you want to try your hand at Asian cuisine at home, there are a plethora of Asian supermarkets dotting Buford Highway. Likewise, the restaurants serve authentic and fresh Mexican cuisine, and there are Latin supermarkets with excellent fresh produce and specialties.

The best of living in Atlanta

Atlanta has so much to offer. Here are some of the must-haves after you move and settle in:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Center
  • The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
  • Atlanta Aquarium
  • The world of the Coca-Cola museum
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • High Museum
  • Fernbank Natural History Museum

Atlanta can be a wonderful place to call home, and with an overall cost of living 1% lower than the national average, you can enjoy big city life for a fair price. Housing is 6% lower than the national average, utilities 15% lower and groceries 5% higher than the national average. With any luck, you can find the right place for the right price, either ITP or OTP in Atlanta, Georgia.