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If you’re looking for great places to live in Colorado, you’ll want to add Durango to your list. Before you pack your bags and book the movers, however, you should research the cost of living in Durango, Colo., To make sure you can budget for the place of your dreams.

About Durango, CO

You’ll find Durango in La Plata County in southwest Colorado. The small town near the New Mexico border offers plenty of fun opportunities for ski enthusiasts, but there’s more to Durango than the breathtaking mountains that surround it. With an abundance of outdoor activities, a thriving arts community, and a history as a mining town, Durango has something for everyone.

Durango got its start as an area with services for mining operations in the region. Today, mining, oil and gas extraction, and quarrying still account for a significant share of industry employment income in the region. Durango’s mining history also has an impact on tourism, as Durango offers a range of museums and historic attractions dedicated to its past.

Through skiing and other winter sports, winter tourism stimulates Durango’s economy. Yet tourism here actually peaks during the summer months. As a resident of Durango, you will be able to enjoy biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities that attract tourists when the weather warms. Education, healthcare and technical industries also play an important role in Durango.

In addition to providing an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts, Durango has a thriving arts community. The city is constantly looking for ways to promote local artists and is even home to various galleries.

Durango offers a nice place to call home, but it comes with relatively steep prices. The cost of living in Durango, Colorado is higher than the national average. Taking a closer look at the cost of living in this city can help you prepare when planning a move to Colorado.

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Cost of living in Durango, CO: housing costs

If you’re planning a move to Durango, you’ll want to know what to expect in terms of rent to make sure you find an apartment you can afford. In fact, Durango’s high cost-of-living index is largely due to its housing index, which is more than double the national housing index.

Don’t let the high average costs put you off looking for accommodation in Durango. While housing costs in Durango tend to be higher than in other parts of Colorado and the rest of the country, you can find a dream location cheaply when you know where to look.

How much does an apartment cost in Durango?

The average rent in Durango, Colorado is around $ 1,300 for a one-bedroom apartment. The monthly rental fees you can expect will vary depending on the type of apartment you choose. You’ll find everything from studios to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments available in this city.

How to find cheap apartments in Durango?

If you are looking for a cheap apartment to rent, you can search for studios in Durango. You can find studios for around $ 500 / month.

What’s the cheapest rent in Durango?

The cheapest apartments for rent in Durango typically cost less than $ 1,000. You can find studios closer to $ 500 if you’re looking to save on your spot in this city.

Durango, CO Cost of Living: Other Expenses to Consider

You will want to think about costs other than housing when deciding where you want to live. Overall, living in Durango incurs higher costs than not only other places in Colorado, but also compared to the national average in the United States.

How much do utilities cost in Durango?

Residents of Durango pay slightly higher utility costs than the US average. You will likely need to budget for utilities such as electricity, air conditioning, heating, water, and internet.

How much does food cost in Durango?

On average, you’ll pay more for your groceries in Durango than in other parts of the country. Groceries cost about 8% more in this city compared to the national average. If you’re looking for more affordable groceries, you can try Albertsons, City Market, or Walmart Supercenter.

How much does transport cost in Durango?

Transportation is a category that will allow you to save a lot of money in Durango. While transportation costs in Colorado are generally higher than the national average, costs are significantly lower in Durango. For example, auto insurance premiums in Durango are lower than the state average.

The Durango Transit system offers plenty of ways to get around without spending a lot. You can navigate the city using a convenient bus and trolley system. You can pay a $ 1 fare for any route, or opt for a monthly or annual pass. Children aged 5-18 can take advantage of discounted monthly or annual packages. Lyft and Uber also offer services here.

How much do people pay for health care in Durango?

Durango’s healthcare cost index is above the Colorado average and the national average.

How much does child care cost in Durango?

If you need child care, you will need to budget for higher costs. Colorado has some of the highest child care costs in the United States. Eligible families can receive financial assistance through the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program.

While the cost of living in Durango, Colorado is quite high when you compare it to cost of living numbers in other parts of the country, Durango also has a range of perks that are well worth it. From the rich arts scene and the beautiful mountains to the many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, Durango offers plenty of reasons to call the city home. Find an apartment in Durango that fits your budget so you can enjoy all that this interesting Colorado town has to offer.

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