Cost of Living in Las Vegas


There is much more to Las Vegas than glowing neon lights, fancy hotels and slot machines. You will find various amenities, large suburban and urban areas, and easy access to a plethora of things to see and do, including beautiful nature that you can find right outside your door. With over 2 million permanent residents, it’s easy to see why people flock to this affordable city. If you are planning to relocate, think about the cost of living in Las Vegas before you pack your bags.

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a bustling area with plenty to do. From the proximity to nightlife and the desert, you can spend days without missing out on entertainment. Here are some things to know about the city before settling there:

  • Once you leave downtown, Las Vegas is a vast suburb without excess public transportation.
  • The outdoor lifestyle is great for those who live here. You will find places for hiking, water sports and even horseback riding.
  • Almost half of the workforce is involved in tourism, which pays off for these employees.

Cost of living in Las Vegas

The cost of living in a given area can vary depending on your career, average salary, and the local real estate market. Compared to other parts of the country, especially large cities with over a million people, Las Vegas is actually quite affordable. The cost of living in Las Vegas is on average 30% lower than in New York, for example. The overall cost of living in Las Vegas is about 3% higher than the national cost of living. That percentage isn’t much if you put it into perspective and consider the size of Las Vegas.

How much does an apartment cost in Las Vegas?

Living in Sin City doesn’t have to feel like a sin has been committed against your wallet. The average cost of living in Las Vegas is slightly higher than the national average but low compared to other major US cities. You will find this difference mainly in the housing market here.

The monthly cost of renting a furnished apartment will cost you between $ 1,000 and $ 1,600 per month depending on the Las Vegas neighborhood and the size of the unit. Outside of city limits, you’ll find an average price per square foot of $ 181, while locations in the middle of town cost around $ 244 per square foot.

How to find cheap apartments in Las Vegas?

When you’re ready to start looking for an apartment, check out various online resources, such as Zumper, and filter by your current price range. This filter will help you see only those available within your monthly rent budget. Although the city is known for its luxury and glamor, you will be able to find somewhere affordable, if not cheap. Doing thorough research will take time, but can end up saving you hundreds per month. You should also research the conditions for your deposit and how much you have to pay to get into a new apartment.

Browse apartments for rent in Las Vegas

What’s the cheapest rent in Las Vegas?

You might be able to find a cheap apartment on the outskirts of Vegas for around $ 600 a month or something closer to where you want to be that can cost you $ 1,200. Don’t just go for the first apartment you find that has the price you want. Another apartment might seem slightly more expensive, but might include your utility costs.

Budget everything into your budget and see which option will leave the most in your bank account at the end of the month. Consider pet depots, parking, and distance to your workplace or where you’ll be spending your weekend so you can factor in transportation as well. Consider what best fits your lifestyle and budget, and start there.

Cost of utilities

The average cost of utilities varies widely across the country. In Las Vegas, a single person can expect lower than average utility costs. Your cost of utilities, including heat, electricity, and gas, will average around $ 140 to $ 160 per month. This cost may increase depending on the number of people living in the house and the use of said utilities.

You can expect to pay around $ 50 to $ 70 for 60 Mbps internet speeds, enough for you or your family to enjoy streaming, gaming, and lots of social media time. Your phone bill can cost you around $ 160, depending on the device you have and the services you choose.

Daily costs

Along with your living expenses, you will also need to factor in your daily expenses. These include things like food, eating out, entertainment, and clothing or personal care. We’ve listed some of these items below to help you get a better idea.

  • Grocery items: You’ll find that the cost of milk is around $ 3.08 per gallon, a pound of beef will cost you around $ 6, and a dozen eggs will cost you around $ 2. A pack of cigarettes will set you back close to $ 8, and a mid-range bottle of wine can cost you around $ 12.
  • Childcare and schooling: If you plan to send your child to a private school, you can expect to pay around $ 13,900 per year. Child care or child care will cost you between $ 800 and $ 900 per month.
  • Dining out: If you plan to eat out, you can expect to pay around $ 8 for a quick drive-thru meal, and a nice dinner for two can cost you on average around $ 72.50 at a food establishment. .
  • Training facilities: A gym membership won’t cost much, less than $ 30 per month for a single person.

Finding an affordable place to live and live a comfortable lifestyle in Las Vegas can be easy if you do the proper research. Study the city’s neighborhoods and write a list of your needs, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor space, parking, and utilities that will influence your decision. Be persistent in your search and you will be able to find an apartment in Las Vegas that suits your needs.

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