Cost of Living in Monterey, California


Monterey, California is a picturesque town made famous by American author John Steinbeck. It has grown a lot since the beginning of the 20th century but still retains its village atmosphere. If you think this city might be for you, find out about the cost of living and start your apartment search.

What’s the cost of living in Monterey, California?

The cost of living in Monterey is about 46% higher than the national average and 12% higher than the rest of the state. Best Places ranks cities on an average of 100, which means anything over 100 is more expensive than the US average. Monterey has an overall cost of living of 176. Housing that affects the cost of living the most in Monterey is housing. Rent is very high and finding the perfect home can be a competitive process. On the plus side, the average annual salary in Monterey is above the national average, around $ 67,874 per year.

However, not everything in Monterey costs an arm and a leg. Utilities and Transportation have a lower US average of 87 and 92, respectively. In addition, miscellaneous costs such as entertainment, clothing and restaurants are at the same level as national average costs. So, when thinking about relocating to Monterey, accommodation should be the main factor to consider.

How much does an apartment cost in Monterey?

Here are the average costs of an apartment in Monterey:

  • Studio: $ 1,442 per month
  • An apartment with one bedroom: $ 1,725 ​​per month
  • 2 bedroom apartment: $ 2,200 per month
  • 3 bedroom apartment: $ 3,150 per month
  • 4 bedroom apartment: $ 3,500 per month

Keep in mind that these are general prices only. There are only 16 neighborhoods in Monterey, covering only 8 square miles. Prices won’t fluctuate much unless you live on the beach in areas like Del Monte Beach, New Monterey, and Oak Grove. These areas are right on the beach and have limited apartment and rental options.

What’s the cheapest rent in Monterey?

Monterey is an extremely small town with a population of approximately 28,300. So, you won’t find large apartment complexes with a wide price range. However, there are some areas where you can find a reasonably priced apartment:

  • Sloat Apartments: In the tiny Oak Grove neighborhood, at this tiny apartment complex, you can find one-bedroom apartments for an average cost of $ 1,595.
  • The old town district: Again, large apartment complexes are not common in the city of Monterey, but the Old Town district has plenty of one-room apartments for an average of $ 1,500. These apartments are within walking distance of the city center.
  • Arkwright Apartments: Technically, these apartments are in Pacific Grove, California, a few hundred yards from Monterey. Here you can find a one-bedroom apartment for $ 1,350 and two-bedroom apartments for around $ 1,675.
  • Apartments Del Sol: This is another apartment complex located just outside of Monterey in the town of Seaside. Here you can find a one bedroom apartment for an average of $ 1,395.

Finding the cheapest rent in Monterey will take some research as most apartments are not part of a larger complex and are listed individually. It also means that you will be dealing with a local landlord who can only have you as a tenant. This could result in the creation of a contract more specific to your needs.

Browse apartments for rent in Monterey

How do you find cheap apartments in Monterey?

Living in Monterey can be quite expensive, but there are a few tips you can follow in order to keep your costs within your budget:

  • Sign a longer lease: Many landlords will offer you a discount or lower monthly rate if you sign an emphyteutic lease rather than a monthly lease. If you are sure that this is an apartment that you like and in a place where you want to live for a while, offering to sign a long lease can be beneficial for you and your landlord.
  • See if there are any sponsorship discounts: Some apartment owners or companies will offer you discounts if you send them new tenants. Check if there are other vacancies in the apartment and offer to help the landlord find tenants for a fee.
  • Offer to pay the rent early: Landlords hate processing late rent payments. If you can pay your rent early every month, you can make a deal with your landlord that will offer you a lower monthly rate as long as you pay early.
  • Look at the less popular areas: You may find great deals in parts of the city center or on the coast, but it can be easier and cheaper to look at less popular areas, far from the city center.

How much do utilities cost in Monterey?

Basic utilities, including electricity, heat, air conditioning, water and garbage, cost an average of $ 162 per month, a little above the national average. However, many apartments and condos can include utilities in the rent, so be sure to ask your landlord for this option. The cost of cable, internet and cellular data is comparable to the rest of the country. For around $ 68 per month, you can pay for cable, unlimited data, and 60 Mbps or more for the Internet.

What are the best free things to do in Monterey?

Since Monterey is located on the beautiful and rugged California coast, there is no limit to the amount of fun and free activities. One obvious choice is to spend time on one of the many beautiful beaches. You can also take a walk on the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail. You can also explore downtown by taking the free streetcar with stops in downtown Monterey, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Cannery Row. You can also visit Pfeiffer Big Sur National Park, a beautiful stretch of land famous for its stunning coastline, redwood forests, and epic hiking trails.

The majestic beauty of Monterey is just one of the many reasons why so many people choose to relocate to this small town on the California coast. While rental prices are high and competitive, the gorgeous views, high annual salary, and small town lifestyle make this an incredibly desirable location.

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