Cost of Living in Rockville, Maryland

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Rockville, Maryland is a close suburb of Washington, DC Many people choose to live here to enjoy suburban small town life while being only a short subway ride from the big city. Whether you want to rent an apartment near the local nature reserve or want a home within walking distance of the metro station, you can find what you want in Rockville. Take a closer look at the cost of living in Rockville, Maryland.

What’s the cost of living in Rockville, Maryland?

Since Rockville is in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, the cost of living in Rockville, Maryland can be quite high. According to BestPlaces, Rockville has a cost of living rank of 143.6 on an index based on an average of 100. It is the eighth most expensive city in Maryland, and the cost of living is 23% higher than the average. Maryland average looking at cost of living in Montgomery County, Maryland. All living spaces, including grocery stores, utilities, transportation, and housing, are above the state average. Only health care costs are lower than the state average.

To give you some perspective, explore some average sundries costs in Rockville:

  • A single meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost an average of $ 13
  • A monthly fee for a local gym will cost around $ 52
  • A gallon of gasoline costs about $ 2.42

Keep in mind that the cost of living will vary depending on your job salary, your lifestyle choices, where you rent an apartment, and the size of your family. Think about these different factors before choosing a place to rent.

How much does an apartment cost in Rockville?

Having roommates in Rockville may be necessary since the average rent in Rockville, Maryland for a studio is $ 1,459. A three-bedroom apartment can be easier to manage as it costs an average of $ 2,246, which isn’t too expensive if you split up among roommates. Apartment costs will fluctuate depending on the neighborhood you choose and its proximity to the city center. Rockville has two subway stations, and apartments conveniently located near these stops cost significantly more. Apartments outside the city center are about $ 300 cheaper than those in the city center.

Remember that when you rent an apartment, you have more costs than the rent alone. Be sure to research parking fees, HOA fees, and tenant insurance before signing a lease. If you are thinking of renting a home, Rockville has many options. Renting a four-bedroom house will cost approximately $ 3,900.

How do you find cheap apartments in Rockville?

The best way to find a cheap apartment anywhere is to write down what you are looking for and start your search. Look at your annual budget and determine your basic lifestyle needs. Use Zumper’s resources to help you find an apartment based on your specific preferences. Set a maximum budget that you are willing to spend on monthly rent and don’t go over budget.

If you are single, consider living with roommates to reduce your rental costs. If you have a family, make sure they are in a neighborhood that meets the needs of all family members. Make sure you visit all the neighborhoods you are considering before signing a lease.

Browse apartments for rent in Rockville

What’s the cheapest rent in Rockville?

In Rockville, avoid areas such as Luxmanor, Lakewood Estates, and Falls Chapel Way. These more expensive areas of Rockville have more homes for sale than apartments for rent. Instead, explore areas like Derwood, Rollins Park, and Glenora Hills. These neighborhoods are affordable, close to public transportation and close to downtown Rockville.

How much do utilities cost in Rockville?

Much like Washington, DC, Rockville is in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. During the summer, the heat and humidity characteristic of this region can strain residents. Air conditioning is a must-have in Rockville during the summer, and you’ll likely spend most of your utility budget keeping your home cool. A basic utility bill for a 900 square foot apartment will cost around $ 112. These costs include electricity, heating, air conditioning, water and garbage. Since Rockville is a suburban town near an even larger metropolitan area, the internet is not a huge cost. A month of internet at 60 Mbps will cost around $ 57.

Transportation is another cost to consider when moving to Rockville. Although Rockville is a suburb with plenty of parking lots, many people live there and travel to larger cities like Washington, DC, using public transportation. The Red Line subway service has two stops in Rockville, and many people use this comfortable suburb as a place of residence and travel to the district for work. A monthly metro pass will cost around $ 140. Consider if this price is worth it for your needs or if the car ride is a better option for you.

What are some fun things to do in Rockville?

Rockville, Maryland has the perfect combination of local community activities just 20 miles from a city that hosts major international events throughout the year. Rockville Town Square, a mixed-use development area, offers affordable apartments, restaurants and shopping in the downtown area. Or visit the Rio Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg, a family space with a playground, kids’ train, and movie theater.

If you want to spend some time outdoors, Rockville has you covered. The Croydon Creek Nature Center features over 120 acres of meadows, creeks, and trails to explore, as well as abundant wildlife in the area. For those who want to spend some time near the water, you can visit Needwood Lake in Rock Creek Regional Park. Here you can rent kayaks, canoes, or rowboats and spend the whole day at the 75-acre lake.

The city has also recently dedicated resources to making Rockville a more bike-friendly city. With over 55 km of shared trails and 3 km of cycle paths, the city is emerging as a safe and fun place to cycle. Rockville, Maryland offers something for every resident.

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