Cost of Living in Tallahassee


As the capital of Florida, Tallahassee has a lot to offer both new and longtime residents. From its Capitol complex and impressive historic sites to its universities and outdoor attractions, this vibrant city has something for everyone. As the largest city in Florida and the ninth largest city in the state, Tallahassee also has nearly 200,000 residents.

Although Tallahassee is a popular place to live for politicians, students and families, it still offers relatively affordable housing options. On a scale where 100 equals the national average, the cost of living in Tallahassee is 93.8. The housing cost index in Tallahassee is only 79.8, while other indexes, such as health care and utilities, are above average.

The cost of living in Tallahassee, Florida is lower than average, but you can still find a wide range of rental prices across the city. If you are looking for an inexpensive place to call home, you have tons of options. Let’s take a look at the average rental prices and where to find the most affordable apartments in town.

How much does an apartment cost in Tallahassee?

To get a better idea of ​​the cost of living in Tallahassee, Florida, it’s helpful to compare local rental costs to state and national averages. The cost of rent in Florida is higher than the national average. Fortunately, the rent in Tallahassee is lower than the state average and the national average.

Our research shows that the vast majority of rents in Tallahassee are below $ 2,000. Almost 50% of monthly rents are between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000, while just over 40% are below $ 1,000. Less than 10% cost more than $ 2,000 per month.

Because they are the smallest rental units, studios are by far the most affordable choice in Tallahassee. The average monthly rent for a studio in Tallahassee is only $ 824 per month. One-bedroom apartments cost a bit more, at $ 867 per month on average.

Two, three and four bedroom apartments in Tallahassee all have average costs of over $ 1,000 per month. Although the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is only $ 1,070 per month, the rent for a three- or four-bedroom apartment is significantly higher. Three-bedroom apartments average $ 1,432 per month, while four-bedroom apartments average $ 1,573 per month.

While the cost of living is increasing every year in many metropolitan areas, this is not necessarily the case in the capital city of Florida. When it comes to the cost of living, in Tallahassee, Florida, rental prices have actually fallen by double digits in recent years. This means that you may not need to plan for the rising cost of living when determining your budget for accommodation in Tallahassee.

However, it’s important to factor in the cost of utilities, as many Tallahassee landlords charge these fees in addition to rent. The utility cost index in Tallahassee is 107.2, which is higher than the national average.

How to find cheap apartments in Tallahassee?

Because the cost of living in Tallahassee, Florida is so affordable, it’s relatively easy to find cheap apartments in the city. To find the cheapest rentals in Tallahassee, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look outside the city limits: Although apartments in Tallahassee are already cheaper than average, rentals in the greater metropolitan area are even cheaper. For example, studios in the Tallahassee metro area average $ 727 per month, almost $ 100 per month less than the national average. If you don’t need to live right in the heart of the city, this strategy offers an easy way to save money.
  • Look for the most affordable suburbs: Even outside the city limits, housing costs can cover a wide range. In the Tallahassee metropolitan area, communities like Woodville and Wacissa tend to have the lowest cost of living.
  • Consider a smaller unit: While studios and one-bedroom apartments both cost on average less than $ 1,000 per month, four-bedroom apartments cost twice as much. If you have a small family, live alone, or just don’t need a lot of space, a smaller apartment can easily lower your monthly costs.
  • Recruit a roommate: Paying for a two-bedroom apartment on your own can quickly become expensive. However, if you live with a roommate, you can cut your monthly fees in half.

Find the best apartments in Tallahassee, all in one place

What’s the cheapest rent in Tallahassee?

If you want to lower your cost of living, Tallahassee, Florida can be a great place to live, especially if you know where to look for the cheapest rentals. Housing prices fluctuate wildly in the metropolitan area, but you can find some of the cheapest apartments at:

  • Frenchtown, where studios average $ 749 per month
  • Griffin Heights, where a room averages $ 629 per month
  • Chapel Ridge, where two-bedroom apartments average $ 750 per month
  • South City, where three-bedroom apartments average $ 895 per month

In addition to looking for the most affordable neighborhoods, avoid the more expensive neighborhoods in the city. Our research shows that neighborhoods like Forrest Heights, Killearn Estates, and downtown Tallahassee tend to be the most expensive, no matter what size apartment you’re looking for.

To make sure you find an apartment that fits your budget, be sure to ask potential owners for additional fees. Many owners charge fees for apartment complex amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and community spaces. If you want to spend less on rent, consider looking for an apartment that doesn’t have these amenities or that includes an additional charge in the published monthly rent.

Whether you already live in the Tallahassee area or are planning to move to the area soon, the capital of Florida has plenty of affordable apartments to consider. By starting your search in one of the cheapest areas of the city or prioritizing apartments with fewer amenities, you can easily find cheap accommodation. Take advantage of the low average cost of living in Tallahassee, Florida and start your apartment search today.

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