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Tampa is Florida’s third largest city and is home to an incredible cultural scene as well as an active nightlife. With its beautiful beaches, numerous museums and variety of restaurants and bars, there is no shortage of things to do in this popular city. The cost of living in Tampa, Florida is comparable to the average cost of living in other cities in the United States.

How much does an apartment cost in Tampa?

Apartment rental prices vary across Tampa. Factors that affect how much you will pay for rent in the area include whether or not you want to live by or near the water, what amenities you need in your apartment or onsite in the resort. ‘apartments, and the size of the apartment you wish to rent. While you can find reasonably priced apartments for rent near the bay, the cheapest rates will be on the north or east side of town, away from the water.

You can find inexpensive one-bedroom apartments that rent for around $ 650 per month, but prices can go up to $ 5,500 per month if you want to live in a large apartment with beach access and views. The average cost of rent in Tampa, Florida for a one-bedroom apartment is in the range of $ 1,200. When considering relocating to this city, you need to think about the overall cost of living in Tampa. So take into account what you’ll pay for utilities, food, health care, and transportation in addition to the rent you already pay before you move.

Transportation costs are higher in Tampa than in other locations in the United States. Utilities are also higher, about 16% more than in other cities in the country. The median energy bill is almost $ 200 in this region, but you can expect to pay roughly the same amount for food as you would elsewhere in the country. Your doctor and dentist visits may be slightly lower than the national average when you move to Tampa, but the difference isn’t enough to sway your decision to move here one way or the other.

The weather is another thing to think about when moving to Tampa. Although the highest temperature has never reached 100 degrees, the humidity can make it very hot during the summer. However, the winter months can be quite pleasant, with temperatures averaging in the mid-1970s.

How do you find cheap apartments in Tampa?

Rental prices in Tampa are among the 50 most expensive in the country, but are much cheaper than other Florida cities like Miami, St. Petersburg, and Fort Lauderdale. Inexpensive rental prices are one of the many perks of living in Tampa. There are many factors that will contribute to the amount you pay for rent each month. For example, if you want to find a pet-friendly apartment, be aware that most apartment managers will add an additional fee to your monthly rent for each pet. Also, larger apartments, those near the water, or those with more amenities will cost more, but you may want to consider finding a roommate if you must have any of these things.

Sharing rent and utility costs with one or more people can lower your cost of living in Tampa Bay. Have a roommate agreement in place before moving into the apartment to protect yourself. You can also think about renting an apartment in the vicinity of Lakeland or Spring Hill, where you might have a little more space for the money. A $ 900 apartment in these areas could give you two bedrooms and more square footage than what you’ll get in Tampa for the same price.

Those willing to live further from the water and forgo amenities like swimming pools, laundry rooms, clubs, and proximity to restaurants and museums will have an easier time finding cheap apartments in Tampa. If you choose to live further away from your job to save money on rent, consider getting a public transit pass so you don’t waste all your rental savings on gasoline on your way to work.

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What’s the cheapest rent in Tampa?

Inexpensive student housing is available in Tampa, near the university, where you can pay as little as $ 540 per month. This is only for one bedroom, however, as each bed is rented at this price. You can rent an apartment by yourself near the university for around $ 700 per month. If you want to live a little closer to the water, you can find cute one-bedroom apartments that rent for between $ 850 and $ 1,000 per month. These apartments offer around 500 to 700 square feet, but won’t have a lot of on-site amenities.

A one-bedroom apartment with things like a pool, on-site or in-unit laundry room, and a bay view will likely set you back around $ 2,000 or more each month. If you need more than one bedroom, the cheapest apartment you’ll find in Tampa costs around $ 800 per month. The more bedrooms you need, the closer your apartment is to water are two factors that increase the amount you pay in rent.

Before moving, you need to set a moving budget. There are many costs associated with moving other than the monthly rent. To make sure you have enough money for your move, decide whether or not you are going to hire movers, determine the cost of installing your utilities, and look at the price of tenant insurance.

Tampa is one of the best places to live in Florida, and the cost of living here is actually cheaper than some of the state’s other popular cities. You can find a ton of fun things to do no matter where you live in the city. You will still be a short drive from a number of amazing beaches and the weather is quite pleasant all year round.

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