Courtney’s Wedding Mood Board + Planning Details + Q&A

Hi friends! It’s Courtney (Melissa’s daughter) here today to share with you a fun behind-the-scenes look at my wedding planning, along with our wedding mood board!

If you’re new here or just catching up, my fiancé and I got engaged a few months ago at the end of October (you can read our engagement story and see photos HERE – it’s was the nicest surprise proposal on the beach, with my family and friends there to witness!). We are getting married next July!

Courtney's Wedding Mood Board + Planning Details + Q&A
One of our engagement photos we took at Pike Place Market in Seattle where we went on our first date!

After we got engaged, we went straight into planning the whole things right from the start. We quickly got some of the key things like the date, location, photographer and catering (weddings are booked so far in advance these days!), my wedding dress, her suit, etc. Now that those big decisions are out of the way, we started thinking about some other fun little details!

I’ve been pinning wedding ideas to my Pinterest boards for years, but once I got engaged I created private boards where I could pin ANY idea I was planning. I thought it would be fun to create a “wedding mood board” in Photoshop as a visual of the overall vibe I imagine having for our wedding.

Similar to my love for many styles of home decor, I enjoy many different wedding styles and elements. Doing a mood board helped me narrow down some of my ideas to what I actually wanted to incorporate into our own wedding. It’s like when you’re planning a kitchen remodel and you have to choose your cabinet color, and you realize you’ve pinned every cabinet color imaginable and love them all for different reasons…but you have to choose, ha! This was me when creating my wedding mood board. Ok, I love ALL of these bouquets…..but what style do I see myself holding on my wedding day?! It was a fun process. These pictures are not exactly what we are going to do and everything is subject to change, but it certainly helped me to refine my ideas, to imagine the feeling of the day, and get a global vision on which to start!

Here is our wedding mood board:

Courtney's Wedding Mood Board + Planning Details + Q&A

Some details about the wedding (+ answers to frequently asked questions):

  • Place – We have chosen a truly magical place in Washington for our room! The ceremony will take place in a beautiful garden with charming old buildings, surrounded by many pretty flowers and plants. Reception will be in a cool barn-like building with outdoor patio space. The place is naturally beautiful and quaint as it is (which helps us feel less worried about decorating!), and it’s a very versatile space that we can use as needed.
  • Theme – No specific theme, but we imagine it with an air of “garden party”!
  • Casual/Formal? – Not so fancy/glamorous as everyone wears sleek tuxedos and sequin ball gowns and we eat dinners of salmon filet mignon on the best of China imported from France and a string quartet plays. 😉 Oh! But it’s also not like dad barbecuing on the lawn with an apron on and we’re all wearing ripped jeans. You know? Somewhere in the middle. How’s that for a description! In the end…a magical, cozy, charming and fun party!
  • Food – We have a local taco food truck for our reception dinner! It will be such a fun and memorable item at the reception – and it will be delicious!
  • Cut – We plan to accommodate approximately 120 people. It suits us perfectly!

Other small details:

  • Candles and garlands are essential for magical vibrations!
  • I love all the plants and flowers that have been pressed lately (+ they are suitable for our garden wedding), so they will be popping up in several small wedding details.
  • We definitely want to incorporate personal/sentimental elements (like asking our guests to write us “messages in a bottle” at the reception – since I was proposed with a message in a bottle! Read the full proposal story here).
  • Color scheme — No specific color scheme! My bridesmaids will be wearing low-key pink dresses, so that’s a color we’ve chosen. Our room is full of colorful flowers and plants (that’s one of the main reasons we loved it!), so I’m sure we’ll be incorporating a variety of colors into our decor along with some neutrals.

That’s all I have to share for now! I’ll be sure to do more blog posts along the way with more wedding details and inspiration…maybe even some planning tips! I’ve also shared wedding planning bits and previews on my Instagram stories (I save them in highlights as well). Feel free to come follow and message me anytime if you have any questions or certain posts you’d like to see!

We are thrilled to officially start our life together, and celebrating this with our loved ones at our wedding this summer will be so special. Thank you for following us !

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