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Feverything is almost there, are you ready to create a cozy fall corner? Some people put pumpkins on the fireplace to usher in autumn… I rearrange the furniture. Anything that inspires you is the right choice! There are no rules. But I have a suggestion!

2020 has obviously thrown us a lot in spring and summer. It feels like it keeps coming, doesn’t it? So many stressful situations. Whatever changes and decisions you have had to make or haven’t made yet, whatever new normal you are trying to deal with or navigate, you are doing your best! That’s all we can do. Give yourself thanks, madame. It’s hard, but a lot of changes can lead to great things too.

I’m so reluctant to say goodbye to being outside soaking up the sun every day, but I can’t wait to create a nurturing home for our family to sail together through the fall.

One thing that always inspires me is to create a cozy corner where I can start the day with peace, quiet and intention. It’s basically a personal care corner! One of my very first messages thirteen years ago was about my pink chair in my English Tudor bedroom. I used to slip out of that chair for a quiet moment for myself when my kids were little. I haven’t exceeded my need for peace, calm and personal care! Even though my kids are grown up now :).

Cozy Self-Care Corner Must-Haves

I took the first step towards fall this week by doing a little furniture arrangement to have a place to go on fall mornings. I will be sharing how I use it on our annual fall nesting series (which begins September 1). Along with all the fun seasonal decorating ideas, we’ll be talking about how to use our self-care corners and daily routines throughout the fall!

To start Fall Nesting, I thought you might also want to create your own personal care corner! (And if you do, I’d love to see it!). Scroll down below for all sources and details!

How to Create Your Comfortable Personal Care Corner

  1. Choose your most comfortable chair, the one that suits you best. I rearranged my living room and the furniture I already had so that my favorite chair was near the fireplace! Place your chair somewhere relatively quiet (one that will be quiet in the morning!) Or where you will feel most inspired to use it.
  2. Find a favorite fall mug or two. You all know I love my morning coffee rituals! I just don’t like to drink coffee on the go. I love to savor it. We’ll talk about why this is important, but I’m sure you’ll want a special cup to use for your own morning routines! I’m going to share some fall tea and coffee routines and recipes that will be inspiring and nourishing. I received this Fall Feels mug recently, and I have more favorites collected here.
  3. Find a small stool or table to place near your chair. I keep small stools (like this or this) in my living room because they are great for keeping a journal, book, or cup.
  4. Relax with a blanket. I mean, is it even fall if you don’t have a cozy blanket? As hard as it is to imagine, it will eventually be cold in the morning. At least where I live! And if it’s warm until Christmas, you can still use it on the back of your chair to add texture. It is one of the most important elements of fall decorating anyway! (Find my favorite cozy blankets here!)
  5. You will want a journal and a notebook (and I love these fun pens!). Do you have a living well log? Otherwise, you’ll be happy to have one this fall! We will talk about how to use it as part of your daily rituals. A notebook will also be practical. We’ll talk about things to note, to keep track of, and how to stay inspired.
  6. Have a pretty, fresh plant near your cozy corner. You can put it on a coffee table nearby. It will make you happy, even if you don’t have so many fresh flowers in the house.
  7. Install a quality diffuser and pure vegetable oils near your corner. If you’ve postponed this or are ready to go back to oils, now is the time! You will use it every day for your well-being. I have a set of oils that I recommend called the Welcome Home Kit. You don’t want to go without oils, you’ll be so happy to have them for all things. I use oils for all of my daily routines and inspiring seasonal rhythms, I can’t imagine a day without them! I have Hashimoto’s and I use them not only for my own health, but also to establish good housekeeping and wellness habits, uplift our family’s emotions and immune support. They’re also great for all those cozy fall things like your favorite candle dupes and linen sprays.

    Order your Welcome Home kit and the toxin-free products I recommend here (and get a free gold diffuser from me or a discount for a limited time!). When you get your oils with my link, you also step into my community education group, and have access to my text classes and personal support!

Join us as we begin fall nesting on September 1st!

Scrolling through social media can be difficult these days on many levels. I avoid it as much as possible to protect my stress level and my well-being. What if we meet up here on the blog in the morning? It is neither too loud nor stressful here. Are we going to sit together in our own cozy corners, with our cup of coffee in hand? We can talk about all the things of fall nesting and find joy as a body at home. I would love it. Want to join me?

Personal Care Corner Sources:

1. Small wing chair

2. Fall Feels Mug

3. Oval dipped-dyed stool

4. Gold throw blanket

5. Living well log

6. Minimum planter

7. White blown glass diffuser

The essentials of the cozy personal care corner

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Fall nesting 2020:

Four essential household practices

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