Cozy Throw Blankets (+ Cozy Fall Decor Shop)

Cozy blankets (+ Cozy Fall Decor Shop)

Rready to get comfortable? Ha, I know. It is far too hot to be wrapped in blankets. But our Fall Nesting series officially begins September 1 on The Inspired Room, and you know I’m HERE FOR HER!

Let’s get ready!

If you’ve been following me since I started blogging, you know it’s my long-standing philosophy that Fall Nesting is a STATE OF BEING. A state of mind.

Fall nesting really has nothing to do with being cool enough or an acceptable decoration date on the calendar. Where you live, the leaves may never take on fall hues. You can’t get pumpkins until November. It’s totally OK. Take advantage of these things when and if they come!

Fall nesting is more than decoration, it starts with preparing our minds and having a positive outlook on what is to come. We manage to create a place that will be a cozy and comfortable haven, which will be a blessing for all who live there.

If that helps get you in the mood for a change, put together a few things (watch to see what you already have or want to get) that “warm you up to fall”.

Maybe put up a cool fall welcome mat on the porch or fold a cozy blanket over a chair!

Check out the cozy things in my fall boutique (click here!). Layer by layer, your home will become more comfortable!

Enjoy the nesting, my friends!

How do you feel about creating a cozy fall home this year?

Discard sources of cover:

  1. Aria Tassel Warm Blanket

2. Gold textured throw

3. Ivory and gray striped throw

4. Black Buffalo Check Faux Mohair Throw

5. Plaid Fringe Throw

6. Throw with multicolored flowers

7. Pink pompom blanket

8. Soft drawstring throw

9. Colossal hand-knit throws

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Cozy blankets (+ Cozy Fall Decor Shop)

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