Create & Cultivate Founder Jaclyn Johnson Takes Us Inside Her California Home

The creative force behind Create & Cultivate, a media company for ambitious women, Jaclyn Johnson has prioritized a stylish place to relax. “Before the pandemic, I was on a plane every two weeks, so my husband and I wanted help building a forever home that allowed us to do more of the things we wanted, like cooking and spending time. by the pool, ”she said.

With a few smart moves, interior designer Ginny Macdonald has transformed her California home into a chic, sunny space that fully embraces summer weather 365 days a year.


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Bring trendy cane.

You can find this style of rattan in headboards, chairs, screens and more. Its texture and craftsmanship add depth and character.


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Display your favorite things.

Jaclyn Johnson’s open kitchen shelves and large island are used to store everyday items like glassware and dishes, but they also showcase the contractor’s ceramics, books, and decorative pieces.

Have the look: White oak floating shelf,

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Make a statement with storage.

Clever nooks can hold wine bottles, cutting boards, or whatever else you need to store in style.

Ginny’s design tip: Be smart about the placement. Take a thoughtful approach when styling shelves with decorative accents. An example: “You would never light a candle under a shelf, so don’t put it there.”

Dining room

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Adopt a timeless palette.

“I like the modern black and white style and the cozy California aesthetic, so we really tried to marry the two,” says Jaclyn.

Ginny’s design tip: Stick to a consistent palette. If you are mixing patterns in a room, make it cohesive by choosing a few main colors to use with a few bold undertones for visual interest.


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Layer shades in a single tone.

Combining variations of a hue is a sure-fire way to introduce character into a design. The powder room’s pale pink walls, covered with square tiles in a darker hue, complement the terrazzo vanity top.

Ginny’s Design Tip: Experiment with different shapes and heights. “Have lower elements leading to higher elements and try not to be too symmetrical with things, as it might feel forced.”

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Try the tile from top to bottom.

Besides a luxury tub, the highlight of the master bathroom is the reflective green wall tiles that suit the herringbone floor. “The darker tile gives the room a pretty special and complete feel,” says designer Ginny Macdonald.

Outdoor space

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Make an outdoor living room.

When it came to designing Jaclyn’s outdoor living space, Macdonald treated it as an extension of the interior by adhering to the black and white color scheme. The seats can withstand the Californian weather, but they “look a lot like our indoor furniture,” Jaclyn says.

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Go retro with umbrellas.

A scalloped canopy in pale pink gives this otherwise sleek and modern outdoor space a throwback feel. Tall metal lanterns and a touch of wood balance the look.

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Create the mood with fairy lights.

Nothing says summer like the soft twinkle of outdoor lights. “The view is so beautiful and we didn’t want to clutter it up,” Jaclyn says of the minimalist decor, including a striped rug that brings the area together.

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Mount the floating shelves outside.

Whether you like to entertain or dine al fresco, your outdoor facility can benefit from useful storage space. A pair of shelves and a buffet table provide ample space for dishes, greenery, and more.

Ginny’s Design Tip: Don’t divide collections. If you have lovely handmade glassware or bowls, for example, display them together on a shelf. Consider adding some greenery to “give it a more organic touch.”

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Choose local and native plants.

Low-maintenance cacti, succulents, and bougainvillea are native to Southern California, which means they don’t require a lot of maintenance in this west coast home.

A version of this feature appeared in the month of June 2021 issue of Good Housekeeping.

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