Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Now that the holiday decorations have fallen, we are focused on revamping our homes and creating a quiet environment to relax and reflect. Our friend KRISTIN LO is a big proponent of going the extra mile by creating a unique and sacred place in your home just to you. A special place to get away from the chaos of life and come back to the present moment. Our objective is to navigate in 2022 with complete peace of mind, and fortunately for us, CHRISTIN is here to help us get there. Read on to collect his steps for creating a sacred space in your home.

Our home is our sanctuary.

Creating a sacred space in your home is a visual and sensual reminder to pause and be in the moment.

Creating your sacred space not only creates beauty, but can also be a place to rest, meditate, practice your rituals, and feel more grounded.

As someone who’s moved more times than I can count by the time I turned 21, decorating and styling my home didn’t come naturally. It wasn’t until I started practicing Cha Dao meditation and tea ceremony that I learned the ritual of creating your sacred space. The practice is in itself like a meditation. Even if you are not an avid meditator or subscribe to a specific spiritual tradition, I invite you to create your sacred space or nook in your home. It is a ritual for creating beauty in the home and a way to cultivate mindfulness – the practice of being in the moment. It is in the present moment that we can feel more calm and creative.

In many traditions, cleansing and purification is the first step to creating your sacred space.

Kristine Lo

Burning “palo santo”, which means “sacred wood”, has been practiced for centuries in South America for spiritual and healing ceremonies. Burning Sage is also known as “smudging” and was practiced by Native American peoples for ceremonies. Smudging is a practice I have incorporated to cleanse and energetically cleanse my space before meditating. The act of inhaling the sacred smoke also eliminates mental chatter and grounds me in the present moment.

I’ve outlined simple steps to start cultivating this ritual at home.

Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Steps to create your sacred space:

  1. Find a space in your home – an empty room, a wall, a nook or cranny.
  2. Clean the area by sweeping the floors and wiping the surface.
  3. Choose a holy smoke like Palo Santo or Sage. I recommend it Palo Santo Stick Set or Smudge Set. Before you turn this on, share your gratitude to the plant, its native origins, and those who prepared and packaged it for you to use in your space. This practice connects you to the collective and imprints the energy of gratitude.
  4. Soil your space and make sure you have an open door or window to allow the smoke to dissipate.
  5. Set your intention for the space. Say it out loud or in your head.
  6. Place a meditation cushion or sheepskin if this will be a place for your meditation.
  7. Place a tray to hold your sacred smoke and ritual items. I recommend it White marble round tray. As you place your items in your tray, become visually aware of the layout of each item. Touching each object is in itself a mindfulness practice of connecting with your bodily senses. Notice the shapes, colors, and negative space. Rearrange however you like to create a visually inspiring tray while exercising your creativity.
  8. Add nature elements like flowers or a plant. I recommend incorporating vintage or mixed vases. Enjoy your sacred space while connecting to the experience of to be. Through your senses, you can appreciate every moment and enjoy this ritual even if you don’t have a traditional meditation practice.

Tools to configure your space
Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Eucalyptus & Lavender Bundle


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

White stone round tray


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Palo Santo Stick Set


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

agate vase


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Palo Santo II Selenite Pack


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Lot of half a dozen Palo Santo incense


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Sayer tray


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Travertine Rectangle Tray


Creating a Sacred Space at Home with Kristine Lo

Meet Kristine Lo

Kristine Lo (She/Her) is a creative director and mindfulness guide based in Ojai, CA. Her passion is creating beauty, community and immersing herself in experiences that connect with nature and the divine. Thanks to his Conscious Creative Studio, NATURE AND INTENTshe works with healers, wellness brands and conscious beings to elevate their authentic essence and online presence.

You can find out more about her creative and mindfulness offerings at and on Instagram @kristine.lo.

Disclaimer: As a non-native person, I acknowledge that Sage and Palo Santo have been culturally appropriated and commodified. I honor the people and cultures that practiced these mentioned rituals and I respect the essence of these plant spirits. Although I am not an expert in the indigenous practice of smudging, I share how I incorporate it into creating your space to find your calm and your creativity.

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