Current Obsessions: A Weekend In

Sitting area in the owners' house of Skagerrak in Aalborg, Denmark Above: Photo from Little Pink House: The classic house with a twist from a creative couple in Denmark.

Some design finds to discover from home this weekend:

  • Just in time to relax and have a holiday home, we admire Erica Tanov’s latest curation, with “perfect pieces to set up a casual and inviting table for intimate dinners. “
  • Margot orders a copy of Sean Scherer’s new companion book from her upstate antiques and design store, Kabinett and Kammer.
  • Also on our reading list: Commune’s newly published second book, Design municipality.
  • Stay tuned Tuesday 17th for the unveiling of the first collaboration between Benedicte and Jérôme Leclere of Impatience Ceramics and Sunny’s Pop. To be the first to know, subscribe to the Sunny’s Pop newsletter.
  • Each November, we turn to Toast’s Christmas ornament for inspiration, with hand-painted earth-colored baubles and hand-strung recycled paper flower garlands. Take a look at this year’s offers here.
  • Until the launch of Ikea’s Four Wonderful Weeks for gifts and ideas to celebrate the holidays at home, no less festively.
  • Finally: a cup of wassail, to warm up.

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