Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials


Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials
Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials

Gather this message after receiving many messages asking you for all the dishes that appear repeatedly in my cooking stories on IG. These are those daily plates, bowls and glasses that have stood the test of time with us, can take constant handling during breakfast, lunch and dinner, and look great in their simplicity and versatility .


Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials
Daily Dishware and Glassware Essentials


We use this set of dishes every day for each meal. They are exactly what I was looking for – light, dishwasher safe and chip resistant. I had a plate chip, but I don’t mind because they are so affordable and easily replaceable. Convenient in every way and simple enough in design for you to use them casually or formally, although we very rarely, if ever, find ourselves organizing a formal meeting. They also don’t show scratches like many of these pretty stoneware plates if you cut your chicken with a knife. I love sandstone, but for something everyday that you can be coarser with this set, it’s the best choice.

One thing I will say, I wish this set as well came with slightly larger bowls. We still use these bowls often, but mostly for side dishes or sauces, setting up during cooking and small portions of cereal for a late night snack. We don’t find them big enough for things like a bowl of soup or noodles the size of a meal, but for items the size of an appetizer, side portions or a bowl of rice, they are excellent.


To meet our need for larger bowls, we use these 7 inch 29 ounce white ceramic bowls which are the perfect size for salads, noodles and all meals in one bowl. In general, I consider it the perfect size bowl for anything that is not a large pho bowl, neither too large nor too small. They stack well too, what I didn’t know is a big plus until I get a set of bowls that don’t stack well and therefore take up too much space (I’ll get rid of it – we don’t use them because they are awkward in shape). If you want to know more about the perfect pho size bowls, the 9.5 inch bowls are the best I have found. Can also use them as large serving bowls, and although they are not nearly daily use in our home, they have always been useful.


I am surprised at the versatility and frequency of use of these pasta bowls, as once upon a time I thought they were not necessary. Sure, they’re not just for pasta, but it’s our bowl of choice for pasta every time. I use them a lot for meals in a bowl like rice and stir-fry, larger salads, curry, and they have a universal ability to make anything that looks prettier. Lightweight and had no problems with scraping or chipping. I prefer them to ordinary plates.


We eat a lot of our family style meals and this serving platter makes the most appearances for them. It is from the same range as our tableware, so it is light, scratch / scratch resistant and affordable. It is not too big and works very well to serve things directly on the grill (vegetables, corn on the cob, meats), to season larger quantities of desserts such as a batch of cookies, an assortment of fruits, meats and cheeses of course.


Our everyday glasses that we mainly use for drinking water. I love their slim design which is easy to hold and how the glass is not too thick but still solid. I have had only one chip in the past year by dropping it in the sink. It’s great for frozen drinks like iced coffee, which you can see in a recent coffee video I posted in my IG feed.


These are the medium size (3 x 3.5 ″) in the smoke color. We had an inadequate collection of bodega glasses around this size which has decreased over the years as we broke them so that they probably broke, they will be completely replaced by this set. They are so beautiful and unique in their smoke color. A smaller serving of iced coffee goes perfectly here, as does milk (I love milk, especially with dessert), and Oleg’s whiskey after dinner.

Stoneware cups

We have loved many cups over the years, but this has been our favorite. Perfect size for the amount of hot coffee we drink in one sitting and they look more expensive than them. I love the cream putty color which is not too yellow and that the cups have a certain weight. I still love our Hasami cups and the ability of these handles to fit my four fingers, but these are a better size for tea.

Many of the unique little bowls and plates have been removed, have no online source, or are something I got during the trip, so please excuse me if what you were interested in is not here . However, don’t hesitate to always ask questions about these items when you see them!

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