Daisy Square Shirt Pattern Tutorial

This versatile top (it’s also awesome with a long sleeve shirt underneath) is so easy to make, you’ll want it in multiple color combinations. Each daisy square, a modern take on grandma’s square, can be made in about 10 minutes – we’ll show you how, even if you’re a beginner.

Danielle Daly

Stitch Club Daisy Square T-Shirt Design

What you will need:

• Medium wire n ° 4

• Hook 5 mm US H-8

• Set of hooks

• Extended hook set

• Shears

• Tapestry needles

• Project tote

To get started, follow our simple square daisy pattern, created by GH Design Director Mariana Tuma, or follow her step-by-step instructions in the video above. Once you have the number of squares you need to make a small, medium, large, or XL (54, 54, 75, or 75) t-shirt, download and print the full Daisy Square Tee Pattern Tutorial to complete the project.

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