Designer Spotlight: Chelsea and Brandt Kaemingk

We have been following the work of Kaemingk Design for a few years and today we can finally discuss with the team behind the operation. Meet Chelsea and Brandt Kaemingk, a husband-and-wife designer duo based in Portland, Oregon, who create mood-guided spaces that calm you down and crave to be lived.

Their design firm Kaemingk Design was born out of passion – it wasn’t necessarily part of the ‘plan’, but we are certainly happy with how it all turned out. Their story is important. We think many of you will resonate with you as you have forged your way in this industry and learned along the way. It’s been a lot of trial and error, but their passion for design has grown steadily over the years.

Take a moment to learn more about their journey, get inspired, and discover some of the amazing works they have created. They will be our inspiration forever.

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