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Here is a hi-tech way to set the table saw angle measurement to within 1/10 of 1 ° from any angle. It works really well for cutting the corners of the frames.

The key is to use a digital angle gauge. I bought one designed for carpenters that has a handy magnetic base.

For this degree of accuracy, you will also need to adjust your miter gauge, one way or another, so it doesn’t move in the slot of the saw.

To set up your miter gauge, attach it to the saw as shown. Place the digital angle gauge on top of the saw, press the device’s zero button, then move it to the angle gauge bar. Adjust the bar to the angle you want.

You will find that the digital angle measurer is so sensitive that even tightening the oblique measurer head affects the reading. The trick is to squeeze the oblique bar most of the way when you are within 1 ° of your target, then touch the bar by hand until you are in place. Fully tighten the gauge and you are good to go.

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