DIY Summer Wreaths

DIY Summer Wreaths – Best Outdoor Door Wreath Ideas for Summer

Warmly welcome the sunniest season of the year by dressing your front door with one of these summer wreaths. Most of these DIY ideas draw from what we love most during the summer months Freshly picked flowers, days at the beach, tropical daydreams, and vibrant bursts of color. Some of them even ask for artificial flowers and succulents. So you can leave them during the fall months – or the rest of the year, if you wish.

Whichever crown you choose, it will surely brighten up your front door, your outdoor patio or wherever you choose to hang it. An added bonus: these ideas are fairly easy to do for anyone, which is perfect if you’re looking for rainy day crafts or economic activity when the weather gets warmer.

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And since you are already heading to the craft store (or you know Amazon), browse these handmade summer decorations to make your veranda or your backyard the ideal meeting place from June to August.


Wooden bucket crown

Fill your wooden bucket with fresh flowers from your garden and put them out all season. To make the flowers really feel, garnish the bucket with a layer of paper towels covered with floral foam.

Sun hat crown

Find a soft hat embroidered with a sunny greeting – “hello sun,” for example – then tie fake flowers that complement the color of your front door or front garden. Inexpensive hats from the dollar store work better (for obvious reasons).

Seed packet wreath

Give the front of your home a retro feel with this vintage-inspired crown. To do this, attach 12 to 14 vintage seed packets to a 12-inch foam crown shape with straight pins. Finish with a jute or hemp ribbon and artificial flowers in complementary colors.

Decorate Your Door Area

This summer, we are experiencing a popular phenomenon called “The Great American Summer.” Everyone wants to show off their favorite vacation spot with a holiday home that would be perfect for the hottest season.

Whether it’s because of the extreme heat, beautiful scenery, or numerous reasons for relaxation, these are all good reasons to beautify your home with seasonal decorating. You could begin by selecting the centerpiece of your home. Here are several easy DIY Summer Wreaths for your home.

What type of motif is suitable for your door area? It could be different, but it doesn’t have to be a design that will set you back a lot of money. You can create DIY Summer Wreaths by using vintage door handles. You can get these at garage and thrift stores for cheap.

DIY Summer Wreaths
DIY Summer Wreaths


Some of the designs of these include things like turtle, flower, rose, or any design that fits in with your ideas. If you need more ideas, simply take your head outside and look at nature. No, you don’t have to go anywhere, just focus on your backyard and what happens there. What do you see?

If you do not know, then place a petal on top of your focal point and scatter colorful leaves to your door. Using all of these will allow you to create an easy DIY Summer Wreath that will fit the shape of your door.

If you have any less traditional wooden door handles, you could find some unique colors. While these can be found cheaply, you can add some flair to it and have fun. Simply purchase some leaves and paint them using a similar color to your design. You can also get the opposite color if you wish.

For those with more money, you could pick up some crystal or beaded jewelry to use for your more expensive and simple wooden door handles. A less expensive and decorative alternative is to use wire. A wire can come in a variety of designs and colors.

Think Unique

You can also use large prints to help make your look more unique. For example, if you wish to buy aluminum foil, then you could place one coat of the foil over your door. If you want to try using gingerbread to create the look, then you could cut pieces out of the gingerbread to use as links.

These are all great ideas for creating a Summer Wreath for your home. With a little creativity, you can help preserve the beauty of your home by putting together an outdoor look that will help enhance your home. These can be used in your front door, your entryway, or as a window decoration.

Depending on the season, you may want to use this seasonal decoration for your other rooms as well. They can help you accent the decorations you put in your bedrooms and bathrooms.

Regardless of where you decide to place them, they can help bring an elegant style to your home. After all, what is better than to be able to complement your home decor with attractive summer decorations?

Your summer will be something to remember. Create an outdoor look that will be a perfect complement to the season and the home you want to spend the rest of your life in.

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