DOORWING Adjustable Door Lock Prevents Door Accidents at Home

Door wing Locks Door with a Small Gap, Prevents Lock-ins and Injuries

Becky and Billy, parents of two children, founded DOOR WING with a mission to prevent accidents with children and pets in the home. They have devised an easy-to-install and adjustable door lock that doubles as a finger guard. This creative device helps prevent accidental finger injuries by closing the door with a small gap.

DOOR WING can be installed without tools: just turn the knob and mount the device on the edge of a door. It does not damage the finish of the door and can be used in interior doors to keep children and pets away from particular rooms or areas.

DOORWING fits doors 1.2-1.8 inches thick and door frames 5.4-8.5 inches thick and works effectively with double doors. The lock must be fixed at a suitable height so that only older siblings/parents can access it.


DOORWING adjustable door lock prevents home door accidents

The door lock is equipped with a bumper that prevents the doors from closing completely to ensure hand safety. The size of the door opening is adjustable, so small pets like cats can be allowed while larger dogs are locked outside.

This child-proof and the pet-proof lock can also be used as finger protection only by simply folding the hook or simply folding it against the door. It is designed to be unlocked from both sides of the door to completely prevent accidental locks.

If you have children at home, this lock can be very helpful in preventing door injuries with children and pets, even in your absence. It is currently crowdfunded on Kickstarter, so those looking to get one can support the campaign for as little as $ 26 CAD (around $ 20). Shipping is expected to start in September 2021.

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