Dust Collection for Ports of All Sizes

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Tighten the screws to lock to the door.

I made this adapter to connect the dust collection to the odd sized fitting (2 “) on my oscillating sander. It starts with a block of hardwood that is (in my case) is 3 ″ x 4 ″ x 1 1/4“thick. I needed a 2” hole, so I used a 2 “saw to drill in the middle of the block.

The next thing is to drill the holes for the locking holes of the split block and fixing the block. I punched a 3/16“Security hole, 15/8“in depth. Drill the hole just over half: in this way, when you divide the block, you will have a position to drill the rest of the path with a 3/32“Aim for the pilot for the screw.

Hardwood block with 2 ″ hole; seen in the middle after drilling.

Now drill holes on the front to fix the 3/4“Piece of plywood; position them so that they do not intersect the locking holes.

You are now ready to split the block (I used my band saw). After seeing it in the middle, I touched up the faces on my belt sander to remove just a little bit of material so that it fixed firmly on the 2 “fitting.

With the block divided, drill a 3/32“Pilot all the way through the 3” fixing screws.

Practice a 2 “or 2 1/2”In the plywood, then install the adapter for the hose and screw the split locking block onto the plywood piece, with elongated holes on one piece to allow for opening and closing. –Dan Martin

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