Encaustic Tile – The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

Encaustic Tile - The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

Encaustic Tile – The Home Depot Flooring A-Z.

What’s under your feet (or how you get around) is as important as anything when it comes to the house. That’s why this fall, we collaborated with The Home Depot on an A-to-Z guide that will give you the confidence to make the flooring choices you’ll love. Read the manual from A to Z here.

If you even have looked on social media over the past few years you’ve seen encaustic tiles. Whether it’s patterned backsplashes, vibrantly hued showers, and even black and white hexagons forming an intricate pattern on a floor, encaustic tile is an old-fashioned flooring that’s been around for ages. centuries.

Encaustic Tile - The Home Depot Flooring A-Z

The art, which dates back to the medieval period, uses at least two (and up to six) colors of clay to make up the design and body of the tile. On the other hand, ceramic tiles have a pattern that rests on the surface and then is covered with a glaze.

Most encaustic tiles

Today, most encaustic tiles – which come in a rainbow of colors, unique shapes, and limitless patterns that are both eye-catching and intricate – are made from cement using ‘a hydraulic press and can help remodel a buzzing bathroom or kitchen into the highest point of the home. Home Depot offers a range of styles and sizes of tile in neutral and poppy colors, so choices abound for what works with your home’s personality (and your!).

Keep in mind the size, purpose, and atmosphere

One encaustic tile, six patterns for your floor.

Before you start dreaming about your new powder room jewelry box, however, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if you are using encaustic tiles to form a repeating pattern. The type of mosaic and pattern you select should be based on three things:

  1. The size of a room
  2. The daily purpose of space
  3. Whether you want a more open or intimate feel

    Smaller tiles create more comfortable spaces – like a small bathroom or laundry room – and can add a lot of visual interest. Larger tiles, on the other hand, can give a space a stylish feel, but often don’t have the same level of texture depth.



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