Etsy 2021 Home Decor Trends

deco trends etsy 2021


The pandemic unfolded about a year ago, forcing people to find a new sense of comfort in their homes. From creating workstations for distance learning to designing living rooms that double as functional offices, people have been looking for brilliant design ideas to use every inch of space. So it’s no surprise that this lifestyle change has informed Etsy’s choices of the top trends for 2021.

“While last year the focus was on building multi-functional rooms, this year it’s all about synergizing and putting fashion back into action,” said Dayna Isom Johnson, trends expert at Etsy. Think decorative wavy mirrors, spa-like decor accents, and more. Scroll down for a taste of Etsy’s annual Home Decor Trends Guide, highlighting things to consider if you’re looking to refresh your space and balance your abode.

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Checkered prints


$ 36.00

Etsy has confirmed that checkered patterns get nowhere. Over the past year, Etsy shoppers have been searching for stylish rugs, bedding, pillows, and a host of other home decor items with timeless prints. If you want to dive into the trend, try these coasters.


Wavy, wavy and sinuous decor


$ 59.00

Etsy buyers aren’t afraid to make waves! They embrace decor with curves, whether it’s mirrors, like this one SPLASH, or candles.




$ 167.00

According to Etsy, buyers are currently drawn to clutter-free spaces with rustic touches, wood accents, and warm neutral tones. Japandi – a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design influences – has been trending for this reason. The waffle linen blanket shown here would be a good idea.




$ 41.44

Since searches for travertine increased 361% on Etsy, you can expect to see more creative uses of the durable material. For example, handmade and vintage travertine tables are a hit with Etsy shoppers right now. But you can also go for something as small as a cutting board like shown here.


The house sanctuary


$ 98.00

People continue to express interest in creating restful homes filled with simple accents like the faux olive tree you see here or waffle towels, which will give off a spa vibe.


Mushroom patterns


$ 60.00

Mushrooms aren’t just for gardens. From mushroom pillows to mushroom lamps, there is no shortage of products for design lovers to incorporate the playful motif into their homes. We are big fans of this punch option.

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