Eufy security camera reportedly broadcasting users’ private videos to strangers


This morning, some Eufy security camera users are reporting access to strangers’ Eufy accounts, including live and recorded video feeds.


Early Monday morning, Eufy security camera users began reporting an unusual phenomenon on Reddit: The Eufy app was granting them access to other users’ accounts. Not only could these affected customers view strangers’ live and recorded videos, they could control the other users’ physical camera actions — like pan and zoom.

The earliest reports came from Eufy customers in Australia and New Zealand, but before long, US users were complaining of similar problems. A staff writer at 9 to 5 Mac confirmed his Eufy account looked like he was logged in as someone else, with access to that person’s user details, recordings and live feeds. The staffer reported that logging out then back in seems to have restored access to his own cameras.

Eufy customers who set up their cameras using Apple HomeKit do not seem to be affected, but Eufy security camera customers may want to disconnect their devices until the Chinese company releases an official statement or confirms the error has been resolved.

Eufy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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