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With its pleasant Mediterranean climate, the best recreational facilities, and the youthful energy of a college town, San Luis Obispo regularly makes lists of the best places to live in the United States. Five new neighborhoods are currently under construction or under construction to make way for the constant flow of people ready to make San Luis Obispo their home. If you are ready to join them, take the time to explore this exciting city in California.

Is San Luis Obispo a good place to live?

San Luis Obispo, or simply SLO as the locals call it, is a great place to live. It has a dense suburban feel and a real sense of community. The median age of residents is 26.2 years old, so this city is really suitable for the young and the young at heart. More than 60% of the inhabitants rent their accommodation, so you will be in good company. The city is best known for its cafes, restaurants, bars and parks, often located near residential properties.

The best neighborhoods in San Luis Obispo all have a slightly different character. Downtown San Luis Obispo is primarily geared towards business, though there are a few apartments above the offices. It is the most dynamic neighborhood, with a well-connected transportation network designed for commuters. Cal Poly, named after California Polytechnic State University, is bursting with youthful energy. It is home to several of the best, cheapest bars and restaurants in town.

Laguna Lake is the perfect choice for families. It has an upscale suburban feel, especially near the water’s edge. In Laguna Lake you will find many local schools, hiking trails, and Laguna Lake and Madonna Plaza shopping malls.

The most exclusive areas of San Luis Obispo are around the San Luis Country Club and the Victorian Quarter. Then there’s South Higuera, a community built by hardworking immigrants that includes small strip centers and manufacturing businesses.

What’s the cost of living in San Luis Obispo?

In San Luis Obispo, California, the cost of living is high. However, health care, utilities, and transportation are all below the national average to make life in SLO more affordable.

How much does an apartment cost in San Luis Obispo?

The price of an apartment in San Luis Obispo depends on several factors, including its size, location, age, features and resort facilities. Looking at the median monthly rental prices at Zumper can give you an idea of ​​what you can expect to pay for an apartment in San Luis Obispo.

Studios are the most affordable option, with a median monthly rent of $ 1,425. If you need a little more space or just want to separate your living room and bedroom, consider a one-bedroom apartment. These are only slightly more expensive with a median monthly price of $ 1,550.

Prices are going up for multiroom apartments that families and groups of friends need. The median monthly price for a two-bedroom apartment in San Luis Obispo is $ 2,200. For a three-bedroom apartment, expect to pay around $ 3,000. The median monthly price for a four-bedroom apartment in the city is $ 4,400.

Typically, you’ll pay a premium for the convenience of living downtown and in exclusive San Luis Obispo neighborhoods. Properties tend to be more spacious and offer better value for the money the further you get from the city center. Modern rental buildings are also more expensive than older ones. You can also expect to pay extra for properties with multiple bathrooms, parking, and other perks.

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How to find cheap apartments in San Luis Obispo?

Visiting Zumper or downloading the app is one of the easiest ways to find cheap apartments in San Luis Obispo. Filter your search to show apartments priced between $ 0 and a small monthly rent, such as $ 1,500, to see the cheapest apartments available. You can also further filter your results to show only apartments that meet your needs, such as pet-friendly properties.

Since price filtering is already limiting your search, you may not find any matching properties if you place too many limitations on your search. If you can’t find an apartment that meets your essential criteria, you may need to increase your upper price limit.

What’s the cheapest rent in San Luis Obispo?

At the time of writing, the cheapest rent in San Luis Obispo is $ 850. That’s the price of a simple studio with one bathroom above the business offices in downtown San Luis Obispo. There are also studios that cost around $ 1,150 and $ 1,200. These are available in a range of locations including downtown, Lake Laguna, and Cal Poly.

Are there many job opportunities in San Luis Obispo?

Whatever your skills or interests, you should find a good job in San Luis Obispo. The city has an unemployment rate of 2.8%, which is lower than the national average of 3.7%. Local employment opportunities are also expected to increase by 34.55%, which is above the US average.

There are over 24,000 employers in San Luis Obispo, including the two largest employers – California Polytechnic State University and San Luis Obispo County. Healthcare is a major industry in San Luis Obispo, home to the State Department hospitals – Atascadero, Tenet Healthcare, and Compass Health Inc.

What to do for fun in San Luis Obispo?

Life in San Luis Obispo is all about being active during your downtime. It is a recreational paradise, with so much to do outdoors. It is home to over 30 hiking trails, including Felsman Loop, Bishop Peak, and the Stenner Creek Canyon Trail. You can also practice your putting at Laguna Lake Golf Course and play disc golf at Sinsheimer Park. If you love the ocean, Avila Beach, Pismo Beach and Morro Bay are just a short drive from downtown.

Culture lovers won’t be disappointed in San Luis Obispo either. The city has over 20 local galleries, many of which open their doors each month for Art After Dark. San Luis Obispo also has a performing arts center, repertory theater, and many other cultural hot spots.

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