Fall Nesting: Our Cozy Coffee Routine + Live Video

Fall Nesting: Our Cozy Coffee Routine + Live Video

NOTNow that we have our new home, I can’t wait to get into my fall nesting rhythms! We are sad to say goodbye to our old home, but couldn’t be more delighted to have found such a comfortable place for this next chapter in life. We’ll be moving our furniture and belongings over the next couple of weeks, so I can’t wait to start tinkering and making it our home.

One of my favorite rituals all year round is my morning coffee. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, just a little every morning. I could easily replace it with tea, especially in the fall! I love a good Chai tea. For me, the ritual of a hot drink in my hand on a cold fall day always starts in the morning!

My daughter Courtney was here in our new home yesterday so we thought it would be fun to invite you over for a coffee chat! It was so neat to have so many of you in my new home (virtually, of course) to be part of our very first coffee brew in my new home. We were able to share some of our favorite coffee brewing supplies and tips and chat a bit about our new home.

Although I (unfortunately) didn’t have the opportunity to blog about this meeting before it went live, if you haven’t seen the invitation on social media or our Amazon page or if you couldn’t be there, you can still catch the rerun!

Click HERE to watch the replay of our LIVE on Amazon!

Fall Nesting: Our Cozy Coffee Routine + Live Video

It was so much fun opening our home virtually that we want to make more of these LIVE meetings. I will try to advertise future meetings in advance in my newsletter / blog and Instagram / Facebook, but another way to make sure you are a part of these virtual discussions would be to FOLLOW my Amazon storefront here. All of our lives can be seen there and will be saved for reruns at the bottom of the storefront. You can also find a calendar of our upcoming lives there (whenever we start planning for them in advance) as well as shopping directly for our favorite Amazon home products, decor, gadgets, and more.

Kylee and I also recently did a live video (of her cute new kitchen!) Sharing Simple tips for a less stressful move. You can watch the replay HERE. We’ve discussed our every move and shared some must-have things we use that make the move a lot less stressful. The tips also apply to organizing the house, even if you are not moving!

Fall Nesting: Our Cozy Coffee Routine + Live Video

We have plenty of ideas for other topics that we could discuss in our future Amazon live videos. Ten favorite cozy decorating ideas? Organize small spaces? A roundup of the best seasonal pillows? Favorite plaids and rugs in plaids and stripes? How to make a pretty autumn door basket? Our top cleaning tools and tips for a clean enough home? Do you feel at home in a small apartment? My daughters and I have our creative wheels spinning to find ways to invite you to each of our homes for these live encounters. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

You can FOLLOW The Inspired Room’s Amazon storefront here – all of our live reruns will be recorded at the bottom of the storefront.

Happy fall nesting!

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