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Fall Putter Playlist

Pto pronounce is my language of love at home. For me, this means taking care of yourself in a pleasant and unhurried way with a number of small chores around the house, without focusing on anything in particular.

You can inadvertently accomplish so much with the putter. And even though you end up with a little more love for your home and a little more joy in your heart, I think it was time well spent. 💙

Today, I thought I would share some of the music that I will be listening to while I putter this fall!

Enjoy my Fall Puttering playlist below or click here.

Fall Putter Playlist
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Find the 3 previous playlists I’ve shared (last year’s Cozy Fall Playlist, Happy Homebody Playlist, and Uplift Playlist) here!

Fall Putter Playlist

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