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Tool: Dia-Flat Buy now

Producer: DMT

MSRP: $ 220

Flat stones are essential to good sharpness. Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) Dia-Flat is certified flat up to .0005 ″ and allows for quick flattening of water or oil stones.

I tried it on a well used Shapton ceramic stone and it was finished in about two minutes! (It’s pretty impressive, as Shapton stones are so hard that flattening them with sandpaper isn’t practical.) In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I flattened every stone in my shop.

According to DMT, their Diamond Hardcoat technology, which uses mono-
crystalline diamond: resists any other diamond-coated lapping plate. It is 120 microns (roughly equivalent to 120 grit sandpaper) and can be used on any stone, from coarse to fine. The generous dimensions of the Dia-Flat are another advantage. The pot is 4-1 / 2 ″ wide by 10 ″ long, which is large enough to flatten any stone. For faster results, use it under running water or in a tub of water. If you’re flattening oily stones, use oil instead of water.

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