Faux Hydrangeas + Summer Door Basket

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I often get asked about hydrangeas in bouquets around our house. Many readers say they hope these are fake hydrangeas so they can easily get some too! While usually our flowers are actually real and from our own garden, today I can say YES, the flowers in today’s post are artificial, you can get these fake hydrangeas for your home!

One of my favorite summer flowers for the garden and to bring indoors are hydrangeas. We probably planted around seven real hydrangea bushes in our old house before we decided to sell our house :). Sadness. Plus, we already had the most beautiful hydrangeas when we moved in, so every summer we were stocked with hydrangeas!

Why You Might Want To Try Fake Hydrangeas

I decided to try faux hydrangeas this year since we are just starting to plant in our new house. It may be a few years before we have enough flowers for the bouquets. And we have a very small yard, so we have to go for more compact plants and have limited planting areas. By the way, I planted two new varieties of compact hydrangeas in pots near our porch, so I’ll share more about that in a future post.

If you’re in a part of the country that isn’t conducive to growing hydrangeas or you don’t have the space to grow them, fake flowers might be the way to go! Flowers can be expensive to buy, so faux can also be a money-saving idea. Plus, as I said with the other faux flowers I shared this spring, these petals don’t wither or die and you can keep them handy and look fresh for a long time, so I think fake flowers can be a good choice for convenience too.

Blue hydrangea flowers for door, basket, wreath or vase

I got these hydrangeas in two colors to see what they looked like.

Faux hydrangeas in shades of blue (click links and images below for sources):

Brighter blue color

dusty blue color

Fake hydrangeas + summer door basket

I mixed the two colors and put in my scalloped basket. with the flowering branches I had in there earlier this spring. Our front door is under an overhang so I’m not too worried about the hydrangeas (I assume they’re meant for indoors so I wouldn’t put them directly in the elements). The basket has been on the doorstep all spring with the branches and it turned out great.

Fake hydrangeas + summer door basket

Pro tip for a more realistic hydrangea look

At first when I opened the packaging I wasn’t sure if they were as realistic as possible. But once I put them in the vases and door baskets and step back, they are really beautiful. As with all new decorating decisions, it’s important to take a step back and consider it in relation to the other elements in the room. Now I don’t think they’re fake, they’re just pretty flowers in the room! The price was so good that I can’t wait to try more colors and combinations too.

I looked at other options online and the price or negative reviews kept me from trying them. But if I find others that I like, I’ll be sure to share!

PRO TIP :): Real hydrangeas come in so many different hues and change throughout the season. They often start very bright and change and fade in the fall. For a realistic vibe with hydrangeas, you can do the same with your faux flower color choices. Start with lighter shades, then mix the fall hues and eventually use all the muted fall colors.

I also just ordered this lovely color for some extra muted variety.

Fake hydrangeas + summer door basket

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Fake hydrangeas + summer door basket

Embrace Your Inner Coastal Grandma

Hydrangeas are the perfect summer flower to embrace your inner “coastal grandma” :)!

I shared more about Coastal Grandmother Style in this post.

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Fake hydrangeas + summer door basket

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