Find an Apartment Close to These 2021 Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

2021 Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

Find an Apartment Close to These 2021 Emmy-Nominated TV Shows

As Emmy’s approached, we wanted to celebrate by showcasing 8 awesome award-nominated TV show apartments and highlighting similar Zumper ads that are close to where these famous apartments would have been. If you’ve always dreamed of living next door to the Friends building, now is the time!


HBO’s hit show Max “The Flight Attendant” named nine Emmy stars Kaley Cuoco as the main character, whose life is turned upside down by a murder. As Cassie, she needs friends to help her figure out what happened, which leads her to one of the most fascinating TV apartments in New York City. She takes comfort with her best friend Ani, who lives in a large, state-of-the-art SoHo loft with a few distinctive touches, including high wooden ceilings, dramatic archways leading to the kitchen and bedroom, and Manhattan’s ultimate eccentric architectural design – a glass shower located in the middle of the living room.


2. THE UNDOING Fifth Avenue (Billionaires’ Row), NYC (HBO / Warner Bros)

“The Undoing” is HBO’s 2020 two-Emmy-nominated hit miniseries that stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as a wealthy couple whose lives are turned upside down when a murder occurs. Their Upper East Side brownstone is gorgeous, but the penthouse where his wealthy father (Donald Sutherland) lives is the stuff some dreams are made of. Located at 1215 Fifth Avenue, on Billionaires’ Row near the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this is a New York gem. Interiors were actually shot at 1107 Fifth, an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, crown molding, room for a piano (and a huge dance floor) in the living room and two bedrooms, four bathrooms.


4. HALSTON NYC (Netflix)

Telling the life story of fashion designer Halston as he rose to fame, this Netflix miniseries is set in New York City in the ’80s and’ 90s. With five Emmy nominations, the places Halston has called the his in Manhattan include 813 Madison Avenue at 68th Street, where he had his first studio, and the Olympic Tower at 641 Fifth Avenue at 51st Street, where his 21st-floor studio offers magnificent views of the city. His Paul Rudolph-designed townhouse (actually recreated in Brooklyn for filming) sits at 101 E. 63rd Street, with 7,500 square feet, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a rooftop terrace and a courtyard.


ZUMPER APARTMENT: similar to the Olympic Tower


5. LOVE OF SYLVIE Harlem, New York (Amazon Prime)

Set in the 1950s and 1960s, “Sylvie’s Love” was nominated for an Emmy (Outstanding Television Movie). Starring Tessa Thompson and Nnamdi Asomugha as cursed and steeped lovers of the then Harlem jazz scene, most of the film was shot in Los Angeles. But Sylvie lives in a Harlem brownstone, which would likely be located on 120th Street and Lenox Avenue, on Astor Row (130th Street between Fifth and Lenox), or on 137th Street in historic Dorrance Brooks Square.



With 18 Emmy nominations in 2021, Netflix’s hit “The Queen’s Gambit” was filmed primarily in Berlin and Toronto. And while the basement apartment in Manhattan where Beth’s rival / mentor / chess coach Benny lives, might be on the Upper West Side or the Village (you never know, but the Brown Stone above his house gives some clues), there is one thing go for it – there is plenty of space!


8. FRIENDS: THE MEETING (HBO / Warner Bros.)

While the show “Friends: The Reunion” actually reconstructed the iconic apartments in the same hall in which most of the gang members lived at one point or another on a soundstage, the current building is in Greenwich Village. at 90 Bedford Street. Nominated for three Emmy Awards, the series also known as “The One Where They Get Back Together” was actually filmed in Los Angeles, so the apartments in that building were not used. But the two iconic TV apartments were two bedrooms with spacious living rooms and kitchens, and one had a terrace.


  • $ 18,500 – 2 beds / 2 bathrooms
  • 143 Prince St, New York, NY 10012, United States