First Time Apartments: 5 Organizing Essentials

First Time Apartments: 5 Organizing Essentials

Decorating your first apartment can be exciting and scary. You are finally out on your own! Where do you start? You may have limited space or a small budget, but don’t worry. Here are five amazing apartment decorating tips to get you started.

1. Use light colors

Light colors can help open your room, making it appear larger or make a dark apartment more warm and inviting. Use a light carpet to cover old carpet stains or even a carpet color that you don’t like. Use light-colored furniture, because the furniture ends up just like a pair of shoes for an outfit. The wrong pair can throw the entire outfit. Use white lights instead of darker yellow lights to give the illusion of the sun. Rearrange the furniture so that no windows are blocked to let in as much light as possible to further open your space. If your apartment has a darker wall color or wallpaper, you can refresh your walls with a coat of light-colored paint or new wallpaper if you are not allowed to paint your walls.

2. Smart bedroom decoration

When decorating your room, be sure to use subtle colors like pastels. The smaller the bed, the more space you will have, but who wants a small bed? The key is to make sure you have room for dressers and storage. For a limited space and double functionality, a Murphy bed is a good option because it folds up and allows the bedroom to be used as a more flexible space. Choose a spacious bedside table with lots of drawers for more storage. Invest in a chest or a storage bench for extra blankets and sheets, place storage boxes under the bed for maximum space and cover them with a beautiful bed skirt. Use floor curtains to reveal the higher ceilings and wall decorations, such as paintings and floating shelves, for a sophisticated look.

3. Find the right bathroom accessories

To get the most out of your bathroom, you want to personalize it as much as possible. Use colorful curtains to add a creative and artistic look or neutral colors for more sophistication. Make sure to stick to only one color palette and avoid patterns or colors that don’t match. Add decorative towels, counter storage and rugs to continue improving your bathroom. Adding a shower cart can create more storage space and keep your soaps and shampoos organized. Use a mini storage in the cupboards so as not to lose anything. In addition to the towel rails, you can add door hooks to hang the towels, allowing more space to be used.

4. Plants for aesthetics and health benefits

Get rid of the little feeling of tightness by adding plants to open up your space even more. Living plants have many health benefits, such as reducing stress, absorbing toxins, and producing oxygen. Plus, watching their growth can be exciting and rewarding. Aloe vera, Chinese conifers and bamboo palms are among the most popular household plants because they purify oxygen by removing carbon dioxide. In addition to the health benefits, these plants also have beautiful foliage for an aesthetically pleasing look.

5. Identify your own needs

Less is more: identify your personal needs and use your space wisely. For example, people who work from home will need more office space than those who don’t. If you like to receive guests, they could use your bed as a workspace or you could put more seats in the common areas. Do not overload your space with unnecessary decor and you will avoid a crowded and stressful environment.

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