Five Fabulous Kitchen Remodel Ideas For You

Five Fabulous Kitchen Remodel Ideas For You

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: A place where the heart of every family member lies! It is such a magical place that bonds everyone directly or indirectly because the way to stomach is constructed here. The delicious food tastes a lot tastier when a combination of friends, food, and the family sits together. So, it makes worthy to remodel a kitchen to enjoy all pleasures together with a touch of beauty and trends. If done smartly, kitchen remodels also upgrade the value of your home in the eyes of all.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas
Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Let us check on some ideas that are not only cost-friendly but also creative. These ideas will prove a great help to remodel your kitchen with the best of your imagination, enough of your efforts, and very friendly at pricing. You can find expensive kitchen remodel ideas in the books of many interior designers but the happy-go wallet ideas are what you dream, create, and conclude to remodel it yourself. Let the designer in you, show its hidden art!

1) Paint Your Kitchen an Inspired Color

A perfect color is just like the lifeline of a kitchen. It defines its grace and your sense of taste too. The selection of kitchen color and its related combinations should be such that it turns out to be a look turner for anyone who sees it. Mark it a point that the decision of perfect color for kitchen should blow life in its every corner thereby making it look dingy, attractive, spacious, and spectacular.

If you don’t want a lot of burden on your pocket, then bestow it with a ‘white kitchen’ color look that is evergreen and traditional both at the same time. A budgeted idea for your cherished desire! Or if you are looking for something ecstatic then follow the opposite that is ‘black kitchen’. Moreover, you can also go for kitchen colors fascinated by Feng shui for a cool and relaxed feel.

Imagination has no foundation, so choose what you have always dreamt of your dream kitchen to look like.

2) Upgrade Time for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Would you like to ever hear the word ‘dated’ for your kitchen cabinets??

Never, right! So, here comes the time to upgrade your kitchen cabinets especially if you are on the task to remodel your kitchen. Choose such kitchen cabinets that always confer a smack for the time undefined. The selection of kitchen cabinets should be such that they never turn outdated irrespective of the time. They should always keep enhancing the look of the entire kitchen.

With your wallets full, you just need to make a choice among numerous cabinet ideas suggested by your interiors. But you do not need a heavy pocket for this always. You can even upgrade your kitchen cabinets in your own creative ways. Either by simply painting them in accordance to the modern trend or even try some DIY ideas to renovate them as per your desire.

The other way could be to opt for ‘cabinet refacing’ which means changing the front look of cabinets’ doors and drawers’ forepart. You can try variety of novel cabinet fixtures too.

3) Time for Bewitching Backsplash

A renovation that costs you less but bestows you with the best! Well, there is a reason behind this element being pocket friendly in the up-gradation of kitchen. Most of the backsplashes are DIY projects. If you know even a bit of tiling process then adding novel looks to the kitchen backsplash theme is really fun and can be done within no time. Metallic tiles, scintillating glassed clocks, wallpaper, and tile-like designs; wooden laminated planks etc are some great do-it-yourself ideas.

4) Set up Captivating Countertops

For a perfect expression, each and everything contributes a lot to the overall look. Same is the case with kitchen redo too. Countertops are again an eye-catching part of any kitchen and hence needs a change too. There are a good number of options to make a right choice for the same like solid surface, concrete countertops, laminate and stainless steel counterparts. All looks great when chosen wisely and smartly as per the kitchen’s interior. But what tops the list is the newest trend of ‘Quartz countertops’.

Let’s check out the best parts of Quartz’s counterparts. It is a combination of resins and minerals thereby making it the first choice for all those who can afford it. To begin with, it is impervious like solid surface countertops but its smoothness makes it look apart. It appears like natural stone but actually it is much stronger and tougher than the actual natural stones. The best part of this countertop is that it can adapt to different surfaces; like everything from traditional to modernistic.

5) Hang Few Dazzling Pendant Lights & Bulbs

The recessed lights turn out to be the major drawback of any kitchen. So, we suggest you to embellish your kitchen by hanging the dangling pendant lights and bulbs. It makes the entire kitchen shine bright and fill it with a new liveliness. These pendant lights are the spotlight of the kitchen remodel project and define their presence in their own way. The size of lights and bulbs should be decided in accordance with the size of the kitchen. Prefer large and bold lightings, if the kitchen has a good space and medium to small lightings if space is not much.

Mind you, whatever efforts and money you have put in for your kitchen remodel, it will only be visible when the lights are on.

Do give a try! These ideas for sure will turn your newly remodeled kitchen to be a heartthrob of the house.

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