Four Essential Home Making Practices for Every Season

Four essential home-making practices for every season

Wif so much continues to change in the world around us, it is so important to find a sense of rhythm and routine for our life and our home. While very little seems normal this year, we can take advantage of the season we are in to savor what is familiar to us, to relate aspects of our well-being not to the ever-changing circumstances around us, but to which is stable and beneficial.

There are four basic home support activities that have proven to be the most beneficial to my well-being, these are the basic practices that inspire our home and our lives.

Four essential home maintenance practices for every season:

  1. The seasonal rhythms and daily routines we choose to adopt
  2. The joy we cultivate in putter and nest
  3. The priority of a clean and simple house
  4. Creative ways we come together and welcome others into our lives

Circumstances will always fluctuate, but isn’t it heartwarming to have something familiar and heartwarming to come back to while we take care of ourselves and our home?

I’m excited for our fall nesting series so we can revisit the simple things that bring joy this season!