French Doors to the Patio from a New Bedroom (New Home Project!)

French doors to the patio from a new bedroom (new house project!)

Hnew appy! We are planning several new home projects this year! I delayed updating a few key areas in our house (other than painting or minor changes) because I knew, if we were to stay in this house, that one day I was going to do “something. more than painting ”to make these rooms and spaces our own. I didn’t know exactly what. Or when. 🙂 I didn’t want to rush. So I just patiently dreamed (and sometimes not patiently LOL!) Of ideas… and considered the options for years!

The good news is, I finally know “what” I want to do… and I’m ready to share the inspiration and ideas with you! I have a few small projects that we almost finished in our lower level that I will show you soon (along with our stairs) as well. There is so much more to tell you, so many new ideas to share and backstories to explain, I don’t know where to start!

So let’s start with a simple update that I want to do, and then we can go from there.

I recently shared this idea on my Instagram Stories. I’m not sure where this photo came from (above), so if you do, message me so I can credit it correctly. This is my inspiration photo for our new master bedroom. In short, we want to move our master from his current location to the other side of the house (the current location of our son’s bedroom), where we can add French doors to our side patio!

French doors to the patio from a new bedroom (new house project!)

Do you remember the saga of installing the side patio? Oh my God, it was a test! It took me many years to get over all the crazy things that happened just trying to do it, hahahah! (Click here to pick up on the saga in this article: The Most Important Thing You Need Before Remodeling). Now I’m excited because I have some ideas that will make it even more special.

We can access this patio space right now from our kitchen dutch door, but if we move our room we can add a set of french doors like the picture at the top of this article! Then we can go right outside our room to relax on our own little patio. We could sit there with our morning coffee, or go out for dinner at night or watch the sunset over the water.

Sure, let’s be honest, we can actually do these things now, but how more special will it be to have this space connected to our bedroom? This is one of the reasons why I want to move our room. We don’t have room for a large deluxe master suite in our house, but I don’t care about having a huge bedroom. I just want our room to feel special. It won’t be much, but I think small rooms can be charming! This will be my goal.

French doors to the patio from a new bedroom (new house project!)

We’re not going to add, so we won’t have a peaked roof like the inspiration photo. But we have our round window nearby so I think the overall vibe would be pretty similar!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing lots of inspirational photos for patio doors!

I will explain in more detail in future articles about the new bedroom and the new bathroom, as well as some ideas I have for the side patio to make it even more intimate and charming. I can’t wait to share any ideas I have for these spaces, as well as the inspiration for our existing mint and pink bathroom, which we’ll be doing with the original master and some really exciting updates that I want to bring to the character and function of our living room and more.

Thank you for following everything we have done so far to make this home ours. It will be fun to see this house take on even more personality and style. I can’t wait to share the vision for each new update I would like to make!

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