George and Willy’s Urban Cabin House Remodel—in the New Zealand Suburbs

Regulars of Remodelista undoubtedly admired the work of George & Willy. They are the young and cute New Zealand duo who made their debut with the Studio Roller, a roll of kraft paper to hang to keep lists of tasks and make sketches. Since then, George Wilkins and Will McCallum have proposed a hanging clothes horse, a fire starter inspired by Alaskan whalers and a collection of panels, including a Scrabble letterboard.

Their creations are all about modern utility combined with delicious Down Under playfulness. They sum up their M.O. as “making your space exciting” – which made us curious to know their own neighborhoods. In the past 18 months, we have been told that they will soon be ready to unveil George & Willy’s first remodel: the two have worked with friends on a home for George and his wife, Hannah. Built in 1991, the structure – “tiny, nondescript and uninspired,” says George – was reasonably priced and had potential: for them, it just wanted to be turned into an urban cabin. This required these beginners to cover almost all surfaces inside and out. Come see.

Photo courtesy of George & Willy.

George and Will spotted the house while driving near their studio in the coastal town of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand & # 8
Above: George and Will spotted the house while driving near their studio in the coastal town of Mount Maunganui, on the North Island of New Zealand. (Scroll to the end for Before and In Progress photos.) The two met at the residential school and started their business outside of their university’s wood store. They are both self-taught designers and learned to build by working alongside their grandfathers.

They say the general layout of the house “was not really bad and didn’t require too many changes,” but the exterior and plasterboard landscaping required a complete overhaul. In addition to coating the structure with macrocarpa, an evergreen plant that is a cheaper alternative to cedar, they built a fence (to keep Frida, George and Hannah’s dog) and a wooden walkway which, according to George, “Gives the feeling of being in the bush every time you enter the house.” “

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