Get Good Housekeeping’s 14-Day Declutter Guide for a More Organized Home

When it comes to feeling organized, the smallest things can really make the biggest difference. Sure, the idea of ​​eliminating clutter from your home for decades sounds like a lot of work, but the truth is, sometimes you just need 15 minutes and a little inspiration to tackle the organizational project you have set up. of.

It’s there that Good HousekeepingThe 14-Day decluttering guide kicks in. We show you how to change your home – and your life – with minimal effort, thanks to super easy organization ideas approved by our experts. In two weeks, you can tackle the toughest hot spots in your home. From the fridge and garbage drawer, to the storage space barely there and more, we have genius tips and essentials to streamline everything.

Our plan is a simple way to get the tidy, organized home you want – taking over clutter one room at a time!

Good Housekeepingof 14 Day Decluttering Guide has all the tools you need for:

  • Empty your closet
  • De-junk the junk drawer
  • Tackle kitchen cabinets and counters
  • Renovate your pantry
  • Maximize your linen closet
  • Organize the shoes
  • Store the fridge
  • Transform your drawers
  • Boost bathroom storage
  • Reduce office clutter

    14 day decluttering guide day 1

    14 day decluttering guide day 2

    14 day decluttering guide day 7

    14 day decluttering guide day 8

    14 day decluttering guide day 11

    14 day decluttering guide day 12

    Whether you’re looking to occupy your entire home or focus on hot spots, our step-by-step guide will help you decide what to keep and what to let go, as well as give you cool ideas for tidying up each space. . .

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    Ready to get organized? Normally a value of $ 10, you can download Good Housekeeping14-day decluttering guide for free by joining GH + – this is just one of the many benefits of our brand new membership program. In addition to the bonus monthly mini-guides on popular topics like this, members also receive economic offers and discounts, access to live virtual learning events with our pros from the Good Housekeeping Institute and Test Kitchen, the chance to test the products featured in GH, a year magazine subscription, and more. To unlock access to our decluttering guide now, we invite you to join GH + today to enjoy full access to our exclusive insider experience.

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