Glue Cleanup in Tight Spots

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Cleaning the glue in tight spots

Squeezing the glue can be difficult to clean in tight spaces like beads and grooves because you can’t clean the area very effectively with a damp rag or insert a chisel to cut away the hardened glue later. I have found that a good approach is to clean the wet glue with a stiff bristle artist brush and a soft bristle toothbrush.

I start by using the artist’s brush, pushing it forward to collect most of the wet glue. (Short, stiff bristles work best; trim them if necessary.) I clean the brush often during the process and squeeze out any excess water. I then follow by scrubbing the area quickly with the clean, damp toothbrush. A “tuft” toothbrush works best for this type of detail work. The trick here is to keep rinsing the brushes with clean water so you don’t leave a glue wash on the surface. And don’t use them too wet; you don’t want to pour a lot of water into the joint. – Frank Ellis

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