Good Housekeeping Organizing Week – A Room-by-Room Organizing Guide

The spring cleaning season will be there before you know it. But long before you dust and polish your house, clear up the mess – you know you have it – one room (or drawer, really) at a time. While Instagram-worthy pantries and color-coordinated closets are the obvious end goal here, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing your home from top to bottom can be daunting. We know the feeling firsthand, that’s why we’ve put together our best organizational stories to help you declutter, tidy up, and freshen up your home.

Whether you are trying to get rid of all the trash in the tote areas of your home or you need a floor-to-ceiling solution to make your small space feel – and look – bigger, you will find a method organization that best suits your needs. Or if you prefer to overhaul your entire house, you can start in your most crowded room (the kitchen, of course) and work your way up the list.

mike garten

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mike garten

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