Hand Brace Adapter for WoodOwl Tri-Cut Bits

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Anyone who has tried Japanese-made WoodOwl Tri-Cut Drill Bits knows how big they are. These pieces (read Chris Schwarz’s endorsement here) cut and clean quickly, remove chips efficiently, and stay sharp for a long time. The tip of the Tri-Cut WoodOwl drill digs and pulls into the wood via a lead screw and cuts the fibers via the three cutters.

The WoodAwl drill bit from Japan has a hex shank.

Its exceptional screw geometry allows it to cut fibers effortlessly and leave the edges of the hole crunchy. Since the shank of the bit is hexagonal, it will perfectly fit the modern three-jaw chuck, such as the one we find in cordless or corded drills. But if installed in the two-jaw chuck of a traditional brace and with the tip, it could underperform due to a less than optimal purchase of the two jaws.

The two-jaw chuck of most traditional drills with braces and bits does not support a hex shank.

But thanks to Mike Taylor of Taylor Toolworks we can now fully enjoy the performance of the WoodOwl tips in our brace and tips too. Mike designed a cleaver adapter that performs the necessary matchmaking between the hex shank and the pyramidal socket of the brace and tip shank.

The USA made adapter is a precision-milled steel sleeve to incorporate the trapezoidal shank needed for the tip and brace. To use the adapter, simply insert and tighten the trapezoidal (pyramidal) shank into the spindle of the brace, then insert the WoodAwl shank into the sleeve of the adapter and tighten the set screw.

To install the adapter, open the mandrel shell, drop the trapezoidal shank, then tighten the shell.

Effortless drilling into Ash.

The tabs of the set screw allow you to facilitate a large amount of torque and then secure the tip in the adapter. I tried the duo with ¾ “and 1” tips and had very satisfying results. I punched through the pine and ash effortlessly and smoothly, and had no problem getting the bit out of the hole. This adapter changes the rules of the game when using the excellent WoodAwl tips in tandem with the reliable tip and reinforcement.

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