High/Low: Dornbracht vs. Grohe Kitchen Faucet

Choosing the perfect kitchen faucet is a challenge. Who knew? My husband and I looked at endless options during our recent renovation. We narrowed down the choice to two German models: the Grohe Concetto faucet and the Dornbracht Tara Logic single-level basin mixer. One at $ 307.45, the other at $ 1,473.37. Which one convinced us? If money weren’t a problem our first choice would have been the Dornbracht, but we went with the Grohe. After all, the products are almost identical.

We have installed a Grohe Concetto faucet in our kitchen;  $ 307.45 on Build.com.  He & # 8
Above: We installed a Grohe Concetto faucet in our kitchen; $ 307.45 on Build.com. It’s available in super steel (our choice) and polished chrome.
The modern classic Dornbracht Tara Logic single level basin mixer is $ src =
Above: The Dornbracht Tara Logic Single Tier Pond Mixer, a modern classic, costs $ 1,473.37 from AF Supply.

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NB: This article is an update; the original story was published on May 2, 2013.

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