Holiday Decorating and Wrapping with Pops & Piaf

After a big week of holiday shopping and dining, we decided to decorate the house and pack all of our new treasures for gifting. One festive source of inspiration that we look forward to each year is from Pops & Piaf, another small business located in the Scottish countryside. Amy Convery, the founder, has a sense of charm and masters the art of bringing together the old and the new. Today Amy takes the time to give us a glimpse and an understanding of the beauty and importance of decorating her home for the holidays and tips for carefully wrapping gifts for each of your loved ones.

Without further ado, Amy, get out of here!

Pops & Piaf

Creating collections for Pops & Piaf is always rooted in the changing seasons in the Scottish countryside and creating a deeply personal, warm and welcoming home throughout the year.

Inspired by rose-tinged nostalgia and art, films and books that give us a glimpse of a world where even the most practical objects are beautiful. I build on the ancient tradition that the items around us should become family heirlooms and that anything I need can be carefully collected, crafted or repaired using the skills I have inherited from those who preceded me.

Celebrate centuries-old traditions

These little rituals and traditions that we practice every year; planting the tree, looking for greenery, making a wreath, wrapping gifts, setting the table, allows us to slow down and connect with ourselves, with our loved ones, with our homes and with nature.

They help us brighten up the darker days of the year, adding comfort, warmth, color and pattern when we need it most. It almost feels like we need the excess to be able to enjoy the gift of cleaning everything up when the time comes, helping our minds and homes to feel clean, calm and comfortable, ready for a New Year.

For many people this season is the last event on the calendar of the year, it’s a time when we can let go of the things that haven’t served us well and wear only what we need in our future and this change in our homes is the start of this process, to let go of our normal daily life, to slow down to spend time together, to make ourselves and the world around us less busy, and to hibernate together so that we may we come out stronger and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Thoughtful packaging

Taking the time to choose specific paper and ribbons from the drawer for each person is a little act of love, giving them something that you know will bring them joy before they even unwrap it. . There is no greater compliment than someone who wants to save the crumpled scraps of your chosen packaging for use in future projects.

In my opinion, the packaging should represent the recipient first, but second, it should complement your home and all the colors and patterns you would normally have around you. So when it comes to arranging all the gifts under your tree, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings during the short time they are on display there.

I like to think of this pile of gifts as a patchwork quilt; every color and pattern in the paper and ribbon is carefully selected and while they may not necessarily match and no two are the same, they all complement each other when put together and look good alone. All of the paper I have used has the same ivory base color which gives it a cohesive look meaning nothing stands out or looks out of place.

“I like to think of this pile of gifts as a quilted quilt; every color and design of the paper and ribbon is carefully selected and while they don’t necessarily match and are not the same, they do. all complement when grouped together as well as looking great on their own. “

Amy convery

holiday decoration shop

Beech wood ornament

11 $

Sejnane ceramic garland

$ 80

Set of 6 brass bells garlands

$ 18

Stella tree base

$ 479

Star ornament adorned with jewelry

$ 15

Paper tree ornament

$ 12

Pom Pom Garland

$ 38

Marceline Tree Skirt

$ 336

Looking for more inspiration? Discover Pops & Piaf and the Shoppe Holiday collection.

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