Holiday Wonderland Mini Color Christmas Lights Review

We purchased the Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set so our expert reviewer could put them to the test at her home. Keep reading for our full product review.

There are so many Christmas lights to choose from these days, including the Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set. If you’re going for a fun, colorful holiday look in your home, these lights might seem like the ideal decoration for your tree, banister, or porch—but at a price so low, are they too good to be true? We wanted to see for ourselves if these lights would last throughout the holiday season, so we used them to dress up a Christmas tree for several weeks. Here’s everything you need to know before buying these indoor Christmas lights.

 The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau

Setup: A Rocky Start

When we opened the envelope that the Holiday Wonderland Christmas lights arrived in, our initial thought was, “Oh no!” You see, these poor lights looked like they had been through a war. The box was wide open and partially squished, and the lights were spilling out. Honestly, we think it might have been a product someone returned, as one bundle of lights was already untied. 

After careful examination, we determined none of the lights were broken, but when we plugged in each strand to test them, about a third of one strand didn’t light up. We were off to a less-than-merry start! We located the first bulb that was out and swapped in a fresh one from the package of extra supplies. Thankfully, that was all it took to restore the strand to its full capacity, and we were finally ready to decorate. 

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau

Design: Colorful Classic Christmas Lights

Using these Christmas lights instantly brought me back to my childhood, as they’re the same ones my family always used to decorate during the holidays. The 300-count light set includes two 39-foot strands, each of which has 150 lights and is packaged into neat, twist-tied bundles. Each strand is made up of three green wires that are loosely twisted together, and there are small, pointy lights every three inches or so. There are five colors total—red, pink, orange, green, and blue—and they alternate along the wires to create a lovely rainbow effect. However, we did think the pink and red bulbs looked very similar, and for this reason, it seems like there’s an abundance of red lights if you glance at the tree quickly. 

With the two strands connected, we had the perfect amount of lights to decorate the 6-foot tree.

The manufacturer says you can connect up to three strands (450 lights total) end-to-end, so we plugged the two included strands together to decorate our tree. Because of the way the lights were packaged, the strands zigzagged a bit between bulbs, but the wires were easy to smooth out as we wrapped them around the pine tree we had cut down earlier that day. With the two strands connected, we had the perfect amount of lights to decorate the six-foot tree, and the 18-inch lead wire before the lights start allowed us to plug the strand into an outlet that was a foot away.

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau

Performance: Merry and Bright All Season Long

We set up the Christmas lights during the second week of December, and they stayed on from around 8 a.m. to midnight every day. (They were connected to a smart plug so we didn’t have to crawl under the table to turn them off.) 

After a month of daily use, we couldn’t have been happier with their performance. We didn’t have any more bulb casualties, even though they got bumped constantly by my dog and cat running past (or through) the tree. The bulbs never get hot, even when they’re left on for 18 hours a day, and at night, they give off a warm glow that’s not too overwhelming. For example, the tree was right next to the TV, but the lights didn’t bother us when we’re watching a show.

The bulbs never get hot, even when they’re left on for 18 hours a day.

Another bonus is that these holiday lights can be used outdoors as well. We didn’t test them outside, but we think they’d look nice wrapped around a banister or lighting up an outdoor tree.

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau 

Features: Extra Supplies Included

Strands of lights are known for being temperamental—as our initial experience proved, it just takes one bad bulb for half of your decorations to go dark. Luckily, this light set includes a variety of backup supplies, including five replacement bulbs and two fuses.

Replacing a Christmas light bulb is simply a matter of pulling the broken one out and pushing a new one into the socket, but it’s a little more complicated to replace a fuse, as it requires opening up the electrical plug to swap it out.

This light set includes a variety of backup supplies, including five replacement bulbs and two fuses.

Price: A Great Value

Considering that you get nearly 80 feet of lights from this one 300-count set, we think its price of around $20 is a great deal. The lights are versatile and durable, and if taken care of and stored properly, we think they’ll last for years to come. 

Holiday Wonderland also offers the same 300-count set in white lights for a slightly higher price. 

Competition: Different Styles Available

The Holiday Aisle 25 Light Pinecone LED String Light: If you’re looking for a shorter set of more decorative holiday lights, these cute pinecone-shaped bulbs from The Holiday Aisle are sure to catch your eye. The cord is 17.5 feet long and there are only 25 bulbs on the strand, but these unique holiday lights would make a fun accent on a banister or railing.

Novolink LED Battery-Operated Decorative String Lights: Battery-powered string lights allow you to decorate areas that don’t have access to an electrical outlet, and these fun Novolink LED lights make for a perfect accent during the holidays and year-round. The strand is 34 feet long and features 100 bulbs, and there’s a built-in timer, as well as eight fun flash modes to choose from. 

Final Verdict

The classic Christmas lights you’ve been looking for.

If you’re on the hunt for classic holiday lights, look no further than the Holiday Wonderland Mini Multi Color Christmas Light Set. These two strands of colorful lights may have arrived in less-than-ideal shape, but they performed beautifully throughout the whole holiday season, helping to make our home merry and bright.

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