Bathroom Vanity Home Decorators Collection

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Home Decorators Collection

Bathroom Vanity: A bathroom vanity can make a difference in any property. You will need to get such a vanity that looks great in any setting. The options you have to choose from are relatively vast but you should prepare yourself when finding something useful.

A beautiful vanity cabinet and sink can make a difference in any bathroom. Such a unit will double as an appealing sink and a storage area. This can be added to any kind of bathroom so long as a proper water connection is available for it. It can create a more refined look to your bathroom and make it more relaxing. The ability to add things into the cabinets and doors inside of it will certainly help too.

Bathroom Vanity


Home Depot

The options that you have for your use are rather varied. The Home Decorators Collection bathroom vanity series from the Home Depot has become a very popular option to find in particular. This is a series that offers appealing wood-style designs and classic metallic arrangements on the top.

Bathroom Vanity Home depot

But when choosing one of these bathroom vanities, you have to look at what you want to get out of it. The options to choose from in such a vanity are varied. You must use a few specific parameters for figuring out what will work best in your home. Modern bathroom décor ideas which are presently trending throughout the world.

What Are Its Dimensions?

The dimensions of such a vanity should be checked properly. There are two general standards to find:

  • A vanity is often about 40 to 50 inches in length. This is enough to prepare a good series of storage spots while being able to house the plumbing materials on the inside.
  • A double vanity uses two sinks instead of one. This option is usually a little more than 70 inches long. It can come with two separate storage areas with their own doors added to them.
  • Regardless of its length, a typical vanity is a little more than 20 inches deep. This is good enough to support the plumbing fixtures next to it while also standing out a little more.
  • The height of a vanity will vary but it should be around four feet if possible. You need something tall enough to where you don’t have to bend down to use it. Still, it should not be too tall to where it people would require a step stool to use it. This is especially if you have kids in your home.

The size of a bathroom vanity should be checked and measured in comparison with other items in your bathroom. You need to have a vanity that is easy to use and won’t be too big or small.

Bathroom Vanity Home depot


What Colors Are There?

Home Decorators Collection bathroom vanity models can be found in many styles. These particularly come with a number of attractive colors:

  • Traditional wood colors are found on many models. These include both dark and light brown colors. Sometimes the grain materials in the wood can be visible through the paint.
  • White is also a commonplace color. It is a neutral color that blends in well with most surroundings and does well in a bathroom with a lighter wall color.
  • Specialty colors like green or black may also be available. These darker options often come with more intense appearances that stand out a little more.

The design can be rather appealing and unique but it is important for people to take a closer look at what is available. You should always look to see that whatever color you want to have will match up with other items in your bathroom. This is to create a better look in your bathroom.

The Sink Basin Is Important

The sink basin for your vanity will more than likely come with a white color. This is to differentiate it from other things in your vanity. It can also be prepared with a marble or porcelain surface. This is also to keep it strong and less likely to scratch or chip among other concerns.

Bathroom Vanity Sink Basin

This should be paired with a series of nice fixtures. Metallic fixtures are always great to have for how they come with some nice shines and appealing looks. These will create a nicer style in any bathroom but it will work better if the tones mix in with the rest of the sink basin.

Make sure you look carefully when finding a bathroom vanity that will fit in perfectly with your bathroom. The Home Decorators Collection bathroom vanity model series from the Home Depot is a good line to look into.

Details on Home Decorators Collection Bathroom Vanity Models

Colors AvailableWhite, brown, black, green
Depth22 inches on average
Length45 to 72 inches depending on the number of sinks
Fixtures For Sink BasinsMade with steel materials
Cabinet ArrangementsDesigned with pull-out drawers the middle and top parts and traditional doors in larger areas


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