HomeGoods Announces Plans to Launch an Online Store in 2021

On Nov. 18, international off-price apparel and homeware retailer, The TJX Companies, announced plans to roll out a e-commerce site in 2021. Yes, though the exact date has yet to be announced, the beloved big box store will soon join its sister companies TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Sierra in having an online retail presence.

Why We Love HomeGoods

For those who know and love HomeGoods and its marvelous mish-mash of discount decor, this news is no doubt music to your ears. Maybe you can recall spotting that just-right armchair or tufted ottoman during an in-store visit, but lacked the trunk space to transport it home. Or perhaps your friends have regaled you with accounts of stumbling across HomeGoods treasures while you’ve sat there jealously seething because there isn’t a store in your area. For you, the ability to snap up the store’s miscellany with the click of a button lends ease to your sprees.

Personally, once it’s launched, I’ll likely only use the online option to restock no-frills staples like bathroom towels, non-stick baking sheets and reusable water bottles. When it comes to buying gifts or finding accent pieces for a seasonal room refresh, it’s a no-brainer; I’ll be shopping in-person once it’s safer to do so.

From door to door, I can access two different locations in under 10 minutes. That geographical convenience aside, I’ve also been known to drive 20 heavily-congested crosstown miles to get to a location with a reliably better inventory of outdoor furnishings. My husband and teen may tease me for the lengths to which I’ll go, but they’re usually eager to lace up their sneakers and tag along. And when my mom visits from out of state, she wants to make an HG run, too. “Yours just has better stuff than mine does!” she says every single time. 

With social distancing restrictions causing long lines outside the door, I visit far less often than I used to. But arriving at the store during a rare unbusy moment and being able to walk right on in? It’s straight-up exhilarating.

I am a diehard HomeGoods stroller.

Finishing Touches on Rooms

What’s the attraction? For me, the in-store HomeGoods experience is like hitting up a (relatively) clean garage sale. Everything’s marked way down and you never know what you’re going to find, thereby sparking the thrill of the chase. Over the years, I’ve purchased chic sofa pillows, expensive-looking statuettes for the mantel, best-selling coffee table books, stylish storage containers, and area rugs that really tie the room together. 

Cookware and Gourmet Treats

Whenever I discover a new culinary technique in a cookbook or cooking show, it’s the first place I head to buy new-to-me kitchen tools. They stock a cornucopia of gourmet foods, too. I get gluten-free treats for myself and stock up on individually-wrapped snacks for my weekly food bank donations. Also, the kids’ department has so many well-made and well-priced playthings; when it’s time to donate to Christmas toy drives, I know I can always score Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles, Playmobil sets and cars by eco-friendly brand Green Toys.

Holiday Decor and Everything in Between

If you’re the type to go all out decorating every inch of your home for each holiday, they have you covered, from Valentine’s Day to July 4th to Thanksgiving. It’s also a go-to for everyday things like hangers, hampers and high thread count designer sheets. 

On the other hand, the HomeGoods experience is … like hitting up a (relatively) clean garage sale. It’s such an ephemeral experience. They may sell what you want, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be there when you want it. I’ve gone in looking for something I’m certain that they sell, like a basic apron or a wok, only to laugh at my naivete later. The HomeGoods gods are nothing if not fickle.

Super Niche Merch

While finding simple items can be a crapshoot, you can always bet on pushing your cart down over-cramped aisles filled with randomness. I mean, they deal in the kind of bric-a-brac that’s only good for one of two things: to stare at quizzically, or to post on Instagram in jest.

I’ve been guilty of the latter many, many times. I just figure my non-HG-shopping friends need visual proof that somewhere in the world, someone decided to design and manufacture a patio tray table in the shape of a 4-ft.-tall shark waiter dressed in a straw hat, sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt and puka shell necklace.

All shade aside, some items only seem ridiculous until you give them a little bit of thought. A wedding planner with a tight budget would probably be overjoyed to find a deeply-discounted, human child-sized bag of 2,000 organic mini-chocolates. There may just be some hipster live/work loft space that really does need a glass-top side table with a replica of a Vespa scooter as its base … ironically, of course. And wouldn’t any music-lover have more fun at an outdoor concert if they were sipping from a Drinkman (a flask camouflaged to look like an old school Walkman loaded with a “Mixed Drinks” cassette)? These descriptions are not just figments of an overactive imagination; I’ve seen these awesome oddities with my own two eyes.

It thrills me to no end knowing that there’s a giant brick-and-mortar store that can single handedly cater to both Martha Stewart and Pee-Wee Herman style sensibilities. Will I scroll the forthcoming site when I’m at home and my hands are idle? Most certainly. But when I need tactile reassurance before buying a fluffy throw blanket, or I just feel like giggling at a giant backyard bar shaped like a pickup truck while I’m buying inexpensive flatware, there’s nothing like an in-store hit of HomeGoods.

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