HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart (save $25)

HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart (save $25). You don’t often see deep discounts on Apple products, but the HomePod has always held a somewhat unusual position in the smart speaker market. It’s one of the few cases where Apple’s distinction as a creator of premium products has not shattered sales expectations, especially against Amazon’s Echo speakers. If you’ve been looking for a more reasonable price tag before snagging the HomePod Mini, today is your lucky day. Score one of these tiny speakers for $74.17 over at Walmart, and enjoy great music in your home soon.

Whether you want your HomePod Mini in white or black, there’s a discount waiting for you. These tiny speakers fill a room with sound despite their size, and while they lack some of the features associated with the more prominent HomePod speakers, it’s a big deal to be able to use Siri even when your phone is not nearby. You can read our full HomePod Mini review here.

HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart
HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart

HomePod Mini

The HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart (save $25). If you’re looking for a great speaker to take with you on these winter excursions to the beach, the office, or just around your apartment, this is an excellent buy.

HomePod Mini is now $74 at Walmart (save $25)

Apple’s newest gadget is now available for $74.00 at Walmart, down from the regular price of $99.00. The HomePod Mini is Apple’s latest version of their popular smart speaker that lets you play music wirelessly, control your smart home devices, and set timers with Siri. The speaker comes in a variety of colours and is a little over six inches tall. It’s not as good as the full-sized HomePod, but it’s still a quality speaker with crisp highs and decent bass.

What is HomePod Mini?

HomePod Mini is a speaker designed for people who have a small living space but still want to enjoy the HomePod experience. It has a durable polycarbonate shell and 360-degree sound, just like its bigger brother. What’s more, it is equipped with all the same great features that HomePod has. These include Siri integration, along with access to Apple Music, streaming services and podcasts. HomePod Mini is also an excellent access point for HomeKit-enabled intelligent devices. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your Apple devices and can even pair with non-Apple speakers.

What is HomePod Smart Plug?. This small power adapter plugs into the wall, allowing you to set up your smart home appliances quickly. It works with all HomeKit-enabled devices. This means you can use Siri to control devices plugged into the smart plug. This includes lamps, fans, air-conditioners and so on. You can also program automatic events and schedules to help you control your home more efficiently.

Features of HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini is a portable speaker that produces high-quality sound and instant access to Siri and Apple Music. It’s the perfect speaker for your desk, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more.

With access to Siri, you can ask questions about the weather, news, and more. Just tap and ask. HomePod Mini is so compact that it fits in any space, so you can have it wherever you like.

Built-in infrared array for AirPlay 2. HomePod Mini connects to your other Apple devices to play music in any room, everywhere. With an AirPlay 2-enabled home theatre system, you can set up multi-room music to play throughout your home. HomePod Mini also supports other multi-room systems for playing music throughout your home.

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