How COVID-19 Is Changing Interior Design

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, including the home space, to some extent. With many being forced to work from home, more and more people have turned to nesting. Scroll down Instagram, for example, and you’ll find a host of images showcasing decorating projects – refreshed home offices are just one example – proud organizational moments, unique craft ideas, and many more. creative projects that people relied on to experience a moment of joy during this difficult time. The house has become more important than ever.

Given people’s increased connection to their living spaces, we can’t help but wonder what looms on the horizon for home design after COVID-19, when many are resuming their normal routines. That’s why we invited Heide Hendricks of award-winning design firm Hendricks Churchill, who is currently putting the finishing touches on a country residence for Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, to explore what to expect. of the interior design world after the coronavirus has declined.

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The living room as the heart of the house

Hendricks Churchill Lounge

John gruen

“Suddenly, the show has become a large central center. We have created more spaces in the living room that look a lot like Victorian living rooms. There is not only a coffee table and a drinking table, but there can also be a game table or a snack. The sofa can have a lot of pillows to be comfortable when watching a movie in the middle of the day. There is a space where an adult can take a call while their child is on their nearby laptop or iPad with headphones, and another member of the house can be on the side doing their own things. Studio life is now in one space. The show finally takes center stage again. “

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Pocket doors

“People will always be drawn to open spaces because they love this big ‘aha’ room, but we’re already seeing more requests for pocket doors. For example, our house a few years ago was an old farm. It was that classic shape with four rooms on the ground floor, separated by a staircase from the central hall, so it was really a circular floor plan. You might walk from room to room and end up on the stairs. The living room had a fireplace and there was a television in the family room. When the kids watched YouTube or TV shows, we could just close the pocket doors and sit by the fire. “

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Master bedroom seating

hendricks churchill master bedroom

Tim lenz

“All the beautiful seating areas we created in the master suites (for guests) are finally being used. I created a master suite with a sitting area for a client, who was a high profile lawyer. He had young children in the house, so he sequestered himself in the master suite. For this reason, it was ideal to have the desk in his bedroom.

There is something cool to hang out in your room. If there isn’t enough space for a seating area, you can try a small 50 or 60 inch sofa at the base of the bed instead of a bench.

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Warmer shades

“There was a long-standing preference for cooler colors, but now there’s this pull towards warmer colors with pink undertones, which could be related to the shelter. This rosy shade is like a warm hug. I recommend Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin and Farrow & Ball Wimborne White.

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More thoughtful purchasing decisions

home office hendricks churchill

Amanda Kirkpatrick

“Recycling, upcycling and exploring local businesses that sell second-hand items are at the heart of our philosophy as a design practice. It’s a win-win because it supports local businesses and gives the owner the immediate satisfaction of having their furniture (right away). As a result, their house can have a nice layer of patina. I love a space that feels like it has been built up over time and not just impersonally thrown together. With a trip to an antique store or a local vintage store, depending on the person, they can organize some really good stuff and do that first set of changes for you. You go in there, and it’s almost like having design assistance. “

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Comfortable outdoor spaces

Hendricks Churchill Solarium

Amanda Kirkpatrick

“People set up lounges in their garden. Several customers have asked us to stock up on outdoor heaters, so people try to keep their outdoor living space as long as possible. Smoke-free fireplace inserts are big now, and they’re pretty affordable (brands like Breeo and Solo Stove make them). They basically look like a tin can, but you can have a real fire inside. This is amazing, because a lot of people can have a small yard, which means a fireplace is not practical.

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