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Keeping my closet organized has never been easy. Between having a sizable wardrobe and struggling to find enough room for my ever-growing makeup collection, I never managed to put together a closet that made prep easy. As much as I tried, on any given day I would find myself searching for a top buried deep in my closet or endlessly searching for that backup of a face cream I swear on. To say I was tired of the dismay was an understatement.

When Yelp invited me to try their business organization service for free, it felt like Christmas was coming early. On top of that, the company matched me with Jeni Aron, New York-based organizer, founder of Clutter Cowgirl, and I couldn’t have asked for a better game.

yelp professional organization service review

Professional organizer Jeni Aron.

Monique Valeris

Keep in mind that if I searched for an organizer on on my own, I would just click on the “Request a Quote” feature on the site. After answering a few basic questions about the organizing project, you will receive quotes from up to 10 different professional organizers within minutes. And the best part is, Yelp will let you know how soon you can expect to receive a response from each business you’ve contacted. From there, you just need to schedule a consultation or an appointment with the organizer that interests you the most to start your project. The price for Yelp’s business organization service usually varies by city, but expect to pay between $ 150 and $ 200 per session.. (You can also explore the rates here).

Since I skipped that part of the process, Jeni and I went straight to our initial phone call to discuss the issues with my closet and what I had considered for a refresh. We settled into two organizational sessions – each lasting three hours. More time than that, and you get burned. Jeni has been in the organization industry for 17 years and has taken a collaborative approach, where she believes in organizing solutions that truly suit a client’s daily lifestyle. “As I walk around a client’s house, I want to know what their problems are in space and how I can help them where they live,” Jeni says. “I’m not interested in just plugging in a system and letting the customer follow what I do. I want to make sure that the solutions we come up with together are actually used.”

yelp professional organization service review

The first step in the organizing process was to take everything out of my closet.

Monique Valeris

This is exactly what Jeni did for me. In our first session, we took everything out of my closet and sorted them into three piles: keep, give, or give to family and friends. The process was absolutely exhausting, but Jeni made it so much fun and the time was ticking. We laughed at some of the pieces I hadn’t worn in years, jokingly discussed which makeup brushes I absolutely had to keep (not all 100), and decided what was really worth it. be offered or donated to my local works. It helped Jeni have a great sense of humor, which is necessary when looking at piles on piles of clothes and accessories all over your closet.

The second session is where the real fun began. Jeni recommended a few smart organization solutions to make the most of my storage space. And while the price of a professional organizer might not be within everyone’s budget, here are three of Jeni’s inexpensive (and smart) ideas for tidying up any closet:

Ditch Bulky hangers

Not only were the plastic hangers I have been using for years unsightly, they took up much needed space. Jeni suggested simple black velvet hangers which gave my closet a cohesive feel and maximized space more efficiently. “Changing the hangers seems like a very simple thing, but it will make things more visible to you,” Jeni says. “It makes you get your hands on every item as you change the hanger and really wonder if it’s something you really like. If the answer is no, you can purge it. It forces you to take an inventory of your Things.”

yelp professional organization service review

Professional organizer Jeni Aron rummages through my mess in a closet.

Monique Valeris

Incorporate storage bins

It was clear that I needed designated locations to categorize things like socks and cosmetics. Jeni found some great fabric compartments and bins at Target to hold these little items in the back of my closet. We’ve also added labels to each bin so it’s easy to find everything. Jeni also advised me to use my top two shelves more efficiently. She provided large plastic bins for storing seasonal accessories, including bags I reserve for the summer, unopened bedding, new hair tools I’m not yet ready to use, and a few sentimental items. . “I like to think of a closet as a house,” Jeni says. “There is the very easy to access basement, the ground floor, then there is the attic. I like to treat the top shelves like the attic. You don’t go up to the attic every day, so it’s used items less often. “

yelp closet organizer


Use command hooks

To be honest, I forgot how awesome command hooks are. Luckily Jeni suggested using a few to hang my dresses (instead of resorting to my closet doors), hats, and a small selection of necklaces. “They come in all different materials, they won’t damage the wall, and when you’re ready to take them off, you can just peel off the tape and reuse them with a new tape,” Jeni explains. They’re also great because they’re not meant to be overloaded with items, making them an easy way to manage your wardrobe.

yelp professional organization service review

A view of my finished closet, curated by Jeni Aron.

Monique Valeris

Now that my closet is finished, I feel so much better. It’s easier to find exactly what I want to wear every day, and thanks to Jeni, I’m more mindful of new items I choose to bring home.

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