How long does paint last

How long does paint last?

Paints are one of the most attention seekers in your house. The color and quality of the Paint chosen to give a positive appeal to the home. The quality of paints determines all, and it’s a daunting task always to repaint and expensive as well. So, giving a slight makeover is worthful.

However, one might be wondering how long does Paint last? And some think whether they can reuse the leftover Paint or not?

While thinking about these, they might be worried about the quality and longevity of the Paint. It’s quite apparent they think these because these are general questions that are raised before painting.

How long does paint last
How long does paint last

It’s always good to have mixed Paint, but how long will the Paint last?

Here is a brief showing about the Mixed Paint Shelf Life Estimates.

Mixed Paint Shelf Life Estimates:

While checking for the lasting paint period, it is essential to know the type of Paint and the storage condition. The storage condition plays an important role, and based on this, the shelf life could vary from months to years. At the same time, the period could change for the paint type.

Usually, a sealed paint left unused can be in a better condition when compared to an unsealed paint. The unused Paint could last somewhere around 10 years in good condition, similar to the newly purchased one. Again, here it needs to be noted that there could be slight variations in the Paint based on where they are stored. On the other hand, an unsealed can that is not closed correctly may not last long or might last for a couple of months only.

As informed earlier, the type of paints also determines the lifespan of the paints.

Oil Based Paint: – Oil-based paints are the most preferable for residential and commercial purposes. They are long-lasting and are of high quality. Oil-based paints have a shelf life up to 15 years when stored in an airtight sealed bucket/can, kept in a low temperature and dark place.

Latex- Based Paint: – Latex Paints are water-based paints and have a reasonable longevity period, like the oil-based ones. Latex-paints are the best option for interior, exterior, and DIY projects because they dry up much faster. This Paint almost has a shelf life of around 10 years until they are not frozen.

Chalk Paint: – Chalk paint may not be so appealing like the latex paint; they develop and thicker consistency and can be brought to a reasonable condition by mixing it with water. The chalk paint lasts up to 5 years and may last several years as one of the manufacturers told.

Milk Paint: – Milk Paint consists of milk, and hence it has a very less lasting time on 1-2 days, and keeping in the refrigerator makes it to last for seven days. Certain milk paints contain preservatives and increasing the lifetime.

This all was the estimations of paint lifetime, but before painting using the old Paint, its good to know whether the Paint is in good or bad condition.

Signs that Paint has gone bad

There might be scenarios when you may not be knowing the storage condition of the Paint. Hence, it’s advisable to check the paint condition before painting your walls. How to see the Paint has gone bad?

Sour or Rotten Smell: – As you open the Paint can, you may feel a rotten and foul smell, this immediately says that it is not good. When painted, the foul odor may be reduced but will not disappear. The reason is bacteria growth, small mold or mildew spores present inside the can.

Inflate Paint Bucket: – Sometimes, the outer appearance of the can tells the condition of the Paint is terrible. This especially happens in the latex paints, and it might be caused because of the built-up pressure caused by the micro-organisms present inside.

Lumpy Paint: – Naturally, latex paints develop a thin layer on the top, but at a certain point, it solidifies, and this is unable to dissolve in water. And it’s not suitable for use and better to dump it.

Jelly type paint: – In this condition, the Paint is too old, and it doesn’t mix evenly. It’s not in a solid or a liquid state.

As we have learned the signs of damage and their shelf life, we must be cautious about the expenditure for a repaint. It’s always advisable to preserve the leftover Paint and reuse it with few touch-ups.

How to Preserve Paint for a long time?

Cool and Dry Place: – It is advisable to store the cans in a dry place. Do not store the cans in the ground to keep the metal cans away from rust. Store the paints in a cool place but never freeze it. Keep away from sunlight and heat sources.

Remove Impurities: – if you find any impurities such as dust particles, organic materials or leaves, etc., remove it so that no bacteria breeding occurs

Seal the can: -While sealing the can, wipe and clean all the paint residues present. To avoid metal erosion, put a plastic wrap like a gasket and close the can with the lid.

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