How to Arrange a Small Bedroom With a Queen Bed

Maybe you’re moving homes with your existing queen mattress and are worried about how it will fit into a new, smaller sized bedroom. Or perhaps you’re living in an apartment and are wondering if upgrading from a full to a queen is at all possible without feeling majorly cramped. The good news is that according to designers, working a queen sized bed into a compact bedroom is entirely possible.

That said, doing so will involve making some compromises when it comes to the rest of your decorating process. To best accommodate a queen in a small space, you will likely need to forgo other sizable furnishings (like that expansive armoire or oversized vanity). Additionally, you will want to be mindful about the colors and accents that you plan to introduce into the space. There are certain choices that will provide the illusion of your room appearing much larger than it actually is, designers say. Read on for all of the tips that design pros shared for those looking to fit a queen bed into a small bedroom.

Cut Back on Other Furniture

In order to prioritize fitting a queen sized bed into a small space, you may need to cut back on other furniture pieces. For example, designer Trisha Isabey of Isabey Interiors suggests opting for just one nightstand instead of two. And don’t pick up just any bedside table. “Choose a minimalistic design opposed to bulky,” she encourages. Or perhaps your beside tables will be attached to the bed itself! “In compact bedrooms, think boutique hotel,” urges designer Kate Davidson of Kate + Co. “If the queen bed takes up most of the room go custom. Building the bed with attached nightstands is a great option.” In addition to doing this, go without a standard dresser. If you can, seek out built-in storage under the bed instead, Davidson adds. If this type of solution isn’t in the budget when it comes to nightstands, you can also opt for wall mounted shelves and sconces, which eliminate the need for any type of bedside table, says Lisa Kooistra of LK Designs.

What should you do when it comes to a desk or reading spot? “Consider built ins that accommodate many needs,” says Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors. “Think of things like a built in bookcase with a desk nook or a window seat instead of a big chair.”

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Think Low Profile

Now is not the time to introduce a four poster bed into your space or lift your bed up on risers. “Stick to a lower profile bed compared to a higher bed, which will make the room feel small,” Kooistra shares. Additionally, the designer suggests steering clear of a bed with a footboard. A platform bed would make for an excellent solution—you can even look into DIYing your own.

Use a Large Area Rug

“Utilize a large area rug, even on top of carpet, to give the illusion of a larger space where the bed is placed,” Isabey suggests. The style of rug is completely up to you. Note that even if your bedroom is small, you will want to introduce some type of textural element into the space. Opting for a rug made of jute or sisal can be an excellent way to do just this. Such rugs are known for being extremely durable, too, making them a smart purchase.

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Paint Your Walls White

Joyner suggests taking this approach to make your space seem larger. Even within the white color family, there are so many different options from which to choose. You will also want to pay close attention to a paint’s undertones during the selection process so that you choose a hue that best complements your space.

Turn Your Mattress Sideways

If you absolutely must, you can always turn your queen mattress sideways (horizontally) so that it takes up less space in your small bedroom. This is a solution that is commonly seen in compact city apartments. Of course, you won’t want to sacrifice your precious ZZZs by any means, so you will want to ensure that this configuration will still allow you to sleep comfortably and without your legs dangling off the end of the mattress.

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