How to Be Patient with Home Projects

How to be patient with house plans

IIt’s hard to be patient with the pace of home projects, let alone be realistic with our own expectations. The Internet plays with our mind. Everything is going so fast! Like the beat of the highlight coils for home renovations, everyone’s projects seem to end in the time it even takes me to decide what my breakfast options are 😅. Someone else?

Someone texted me the other day and said “everyone seems to be in a rush”. We all want things to be done and done now. It can be exhausting to scroll through the stream, but even more exhausting if we feel like we need to keep up with a pace that isn’t right for us or our season of life. Slow and steady, rhythm and routine, focus on one season at a time and be patient for the rest. Give yourself the grace to go at your own pace!

How to be patient with house plans

It is not necessarily all or nothing. I do all kinds of projects in my house! One day’s quick makeovers keep me inspired and make me feel like things are moving faster. But other spaces on which I have been working for six years, one small step at a time. It’s so rewarding to look at these long term projects and remember how far we’ve come.

We may feel like we want everything done right away, but there is a lot of satisfaction in making plans over time. It is wonderful to slow down and enjoy what you have already accomplished and appreciate the evolution of your home with each season.

Action steps of the reception project:

  • Make a list of the house projects you want to do. Remember, they don’t all have to be done immediately! Which are the most achievable this season? Which ones could wait for a better time? Could you do some parts now and others later?
  • Make a list of projects you have completed or are still working on. Celebrate the road traveled!

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