How to Clean Red Wine Stains

red wine on carpet

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We all have a love-hate relationship with red wine: we like the bold and fruity taste but to hate that red pigments can stain just about everything from clothes to furniture to rugs. When the inevitable spill occurs, act quickly and start dabbing (without rubbing!) The stain with an absorbent cloth as soon as possible as the pigments set on the fibers fairly quickly. Then follow this how-to guide from Carolyn Forte, director of the Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute to discover the best way to remove red wine stains from clothing, upholstery, or home furnishings. carpet.

How to remove red wine from clothes

Your favorite white blouse isn’t lost just because it has a red wine stain. It’s best to start the stain removal process as soon as you notice it, so that it doesn’t have time to really take hold.

  1. If you still wear the garment, place a cloth between the garment and your skin and sponge the garment with cold water until you can wash it.
  2. When the time is right, saturate the stain with a stain remover and let sit for up to five minutes.
  3. If the stain persists, soak fabric for 15 minutes in cold water, apply laundry stain remover and wash in lukewarm water with fabric bleach safe.

    1. How to remove red wine from upholstery

      Light-colored furniture, while beautiful, is an open invitation to spills and stains. Fortunately, even red wine won’t damage your upholstery – as long as you act fast. FYI: If spills and stains are common in your home, treat your upholstery and fabrics with Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield to make it easier to remove stains in the future.

      1. Once you notice a spill on your furniture, mop up as much of the spilled wine as possible.
      2. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent for hands with 2 cups of cold water and blot the stain with the solution.
      3. Blot with an absorbent cloth until the liquid is absorbed. Then sponge with cold water and pat dry.

        1. How to get the red wine out of the carpet

          You knew the beige carpet was risky but now, well, it’s a nightmare.

          1. Start by dabbing as much of the spilled wine as possible, even standing on absorbent rags if necessary.
          2. Saturate the stain with Wine Away and let sit for up to five minutes. Blot the area until the stain is completely gone and remove additional residue with a damp cloth.
          3. For stubborn stains, mix 1/2 teaspoon dish soap and 1/2 teaspoon white vinegar with 2 cups of lukewarm water. Sponge the carpet with the mixture and dry it. Then spray or blot with cold water to rinse and blot until dry.
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